Monday, February 07, 2011

Modern Family History Charts

My good friend Erin

has a husband named Mike. 

Try to forget how good looking these two are for a second and focus on what I'm about to tell you.  Mike is a graphic designer and when their Bishop (that's Mormonese for Pastor, Minister, Rabbi, etc...) challenged their congregation to come up with a four generation family tree and put it up in their home Mike took it up a notch and designed these amazing family history charts below.

This first one is a 6 generation chart starting with their names in the middle.  I love it.  I love how unique, simple and beautiful it is all at the same time.  It includes the birth year, death year and location of each family member!  Isn't this amazing?

A closer look.  

Mike also designed these for both of their children.  Each one starts with their children's name front and center and then goes back 6 generations. 

I really love the visual symbolism of these family history charts.  In Erin's words,

  I like how it's looking back but it's also looking forward to my kids who are the ones in the foreground right now. I want them to know where they came from from an early age. I love looking at each little name lined up before my own and being reminded of my amazing family heritage.

Mike and Erin have had such a strong response to these family history charts they are now making them available to the rest of us (yay!).  Prices range from $160-210 on the family circle design and from $80-100 on the family layers design (this price is for the first child...if you want to do additional children with the same parents and ancestors each print is $40-60 a piece).  Variations in price depend on quality of paper and overall size.  These would make an amazing present for any family and some good motivation to get some family history work done as well.  If you're interesting in one of these you can contact Mike at mytreeology (at) gmail (dot) com.  

I'm interested!


  1. Amy I'm impressed with how concisely you summarized the info- I know it was a lot to wade through. Thanks again for everything! Love and gratitude,


  2. Wow. Those are amazing. I'm inspired. 6 generations seems daunting, but this chart would help motivate me.