Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Love Mix

Hey check me out over at where I share a Love Mix for February.  Well it's sort of a love mix... it's a tortured love mix.  Same thing right?  Check it out!  

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  1. I love "Joey"! Especially singing it as loud as I can in the car:)
    Tortured love songs are so much better than happy ones:)
    here are some for you from my list:
    "First Love"- Adele
    "Bittersweet Surrender"- Big Head Todd
    "Mandolin Rain"- Bruce Hornsby
    "End of the Innocence"- Don Henley
    "Fields of Gold"- Sting
    missing you and your music today!:)
    P.S. For non-tortured love songs, I love anything by Sade!
    Happy early valentines!