Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today is the day we're checking into the hospital and getting this g-tube hooked up to a pump and so our cute little bug can be fed automatically at night!  Ha!  Isn't that what every mother of a newborn hopes for?  Forget dishwashers and washing machines, the inventions us mothers really want are the-put-the-baby-to-sleep-er and the feed-the-baby-at-night-machine.  Well guess what??  I'm getting that machine!   
(See what I'm doing?  I'm finding the silver lining.  So please don't tell me how you'd hate a machine to do the work of nurturing your children for you....I'm not serious.  Well, I'm kinda serious...cuz a feed your baby at night machine is pretty sweet.)  

So I'm signing off for the week but I have a request.  I'm going to be in the hospital for 24 hours and it's probably going to be BORING.  I'll have my ipad though.  I can't post, but I can do all sorts of interneting, so how about you send me something to occupy my time.  It could be a good song, an article, your new band obsession, your favorite blog, funny pictures, funny videos whatever.  
Thanks guys I knew I could count on you.  


  1. Here is a blog to funny stories:

    Good luck with everything! My nephew had a g-tube for the first year of his life and he is now 8 and awesome and eating on his own. He has goldenhar syndrome and because of many surgeries, he had a g-tube since hour 1. The g-tube worked great, though his parents did have a bonfire to have a celebratory burn once it came out. My only advice, and seems like your plan is to do so, keep working on the swallowing reflex with the little lady - my nephew had a hard time learning to eat since he lost/never had his swallowing reflex. Anyway... best of luck! Keep up the silver lining thinking!

  2. Sorry for the ad at the beginning of this, but check out this video. My favorite in a while:

  3. so funny:

    maybe you've seen them.

    my boys fav music videos:

    same song, two cool videos.

    fun song:

    please tell me you have seen this:

    soooooooo funny.

    thinking of you. glad you are seeing the silver lining.

  4. Good luck with everything! Emma

  5. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Good luck. Soon your two little ones will be the ones in this video!

  6. The other day I was reminded of my sisters' and my favorite Disney TV movies: Parent Trap III and Parent Trap Hawaiian Honeymoon. If you haven't seen them, they're good for a laugh :) (Watch in order so you get the story line!)

    Wishing you and yours the very best!

  7. Happy G Day! Good luck with everything. I just can't get enough of Lamp's cute little face. I love all your disclaimers. I'm so curious if you really get people lecturing you from time to time because they don't get your humor.

  8. well wishes...

    watch it. it's freakin' hi-larious!

  9. Good luck with the pump feeding! Like you, I never imagined that I would celebrate a machine-that-feeds-my-child-all-night-for-me but when faced with it, it's great.

    Check out this site if you get bored, it has a ton of funny stuff!

  10. If you want a little glimpse into life in Alaska you can look at my blog (hope this isnt lame to suggest). It also has tons about my kidlets so you might get bored but whatever, occasionally I take a good landscape photo and Alaska is pretty cool.

  11. Just one more thing! Since you love driving around so much with your sleeping babies, check out the Mercedez Benz TV website. It's legit...not spam of any kind. It has SO many cool commercials, with the greatest scenery shots, I'm about ready to go into debt for one of those babies! (But I won't.)

  12. Anonymous4:55 PM

    okay -just spent WAAAAY too much time on (read HOURS) which is all Japanese goodies. Apparently I plan to send my kids bento box lunches at school - haha. I loved it all and placed an order. They ship anywhere and take paypal too. It all started with the sushi candy kit I am intrigued with cannot wait to try it. Got our youngest the icecream candy kit though as there is no way he'll believe the "sushi" is candy. Have fun!
    Thinking of you all

  13. Linda P.6:53 PM

    As the mother of a special needs young adult, I am all about finding the silver lining. You don't need to apologize about what you wrote at all! I hear ya! Praying for good results for little Lampy.

    Here is a cute site I found once upon a time:

  14. Thanks you guys...this has been lots o' fun.

    And Terese...I was just trying to beat anyone to the punch who might say something like that....but I came off a little overly snarky. I don't think I've gotten lectures but I think just from reading mom blogs in general I've seen small comments obey blow out of proportion. But I'm glad you like the disclaimers....they're meant for humor too. :)

    ANKOP--thank you for the continued encouragement. You're such an inspiration. Really it's great to have everyones support, but there's something about hearing from another mom whose done similar things that is a little extra reassuring.

  15. Oh! Watch OK Go videos on youtube. So entertaining!

    Best of luck to the little lady! There is definitely a bright side to this situation. I'm excited for you to get some uninterrupted sleep!

  16. There's always scrabble on iPad. The app is "words with friends". If you choose to, I'm kayci2. :)
    Good luck to you and your darling little Lamp.

  17. my suggestions:

    you could plan a wedding at an inflatable church...

    my latest favorite cooking blog...such pretty pictures...

    the hgtv blogs can be pretty cool. this girl is doing an amazing renovation on a house...

    good luck!

  18. Hi, Miggy,
    I stumbled across your blog today from a friend of a friend of a friend... I have no idea how I got here. I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful writing and for sharing your family with us.
    I have a 3 year old son, adopted from Haiti, who is still learning about the world. We had a sweet discussion about sweet Lamp and he's very worried about her. Then I showed him pictures of your family and he said, "Her daddy love her?" and we saw the pictures of the sisters snuggling and he was mollified. Thank you for sharing.

  19. you are a clever silver lining finder. that does sound good. if you have 50 minutes. try this one. it's so inspiring

  20. i love the ackward family photos one too :)

  21. silver lining is always a good way to think of anything.

    happy hospital stay.