This Little Miggy Stayed Home: You Say It's My Birthday...

Thursday, January 06, 2011

You Say It's My Birthday...

I love this picture. 

But not nearly as much as the two girlies in it.  My little angels.  These two have a special bond.  Daddy and I can do jumping jacks while standing on our head and juggling poodles... and Lamp will smile.  But when big sister walks in the room she starts to giggle her little head off.  They are so lucky to have each other.  We are so lucky to have them.    

So it's my birthday.  Last year at this time I did a lil' birthday post on how blissfully wonderful life is, how I never knew I would have it so good.  Little did I know what would be in store for us just around the corner.  Finding out about Lamp's condition, a crazy pregnancy, another round of PPD, lots and lots of doctor's appointments, surgery for my little one, and additional g-tube drama all the way until New Year's Eve.  I really couldn't have predicted all the ups and downs this past year would bring, but here's the best part....I wouldn't change a thing.  While I hope for a little less craziness in the year to come, all in all it's been a great year.  

Happy Birthday to me.



  1. Linda P.7:47 AM

    Oh, happity happity birthday to you, dear Miggy! I hope your birthday is chock full of beautiful smiles from those beautiful girls (sweeeet picture you posted) and that you get a great big piece of some kind of decadent bday cake! : D

  2. Happy birthday my dear friend! You should know how much you uplift my day every time we chat or you blog. You're an amazing mother, artist, homemaker, RSP, wife to B, and friend to my little fam. Thanks for sharing your talents, humor and love of the Gospel. You truly inspire me to try to be better. Love you!! Now go get some Graeter's.

  3. Happy Birthday, pretty lady! You're an inspiration. Truly.

  4. Happy b-day again! I love Lamp's piercing little eyes. Such cuties you have. I keep thinking you totally need to write a book. I so envy your ability to convey your thoughts so well in your writing. Your blog is always such a great read. You're an inspiration!

  5. Happy birthday!
    The pictures is absolutely precious!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!

    (it must be more exciting if i say it 3 times with double exclamation marks...right?)

  7. amanda2:35 PM

    Happy Birthday! So grateful you're in my life and willing to listen and love me. Have a wonderful day! Sending love your way!

  8. Happy birthday! I hope your day is wonderful! It sounds like your sweet baby is home now! :)

  9. OH my that picture! Oh. I hope you enlarge it and hang it on your wall.


  10. you are a total rockstar! happy birthday to you. i love that pic of the girls too. so precious. atticus and beckett are just the same, LOVE each other. everyday i think that the best thing i ever did for either of my kids was give them a sibling. i won't mention how i found bite marks on beck's arm tonight that atticus admitted to giving him...let's just pretend like they always love each other.

  11. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.... And what a lovely pair those two sweeties are! Hugs & kisses to them. I see so much of you in them... (That's why they're so beautiful!)

    Happy Birthday!

    Love & blessings to you on your special day!


  12. Happy Birthday... Thx for sharing your life via your blog, it's truly touched me this year. Best wishes. Jorja