Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Viva Mexico!

We had a 3 day weekend and since we didn't have big plans it could have been a tragic waste of a long weekend.  We decided we needed a theme to spice things up and give us some direction.  
Enter Viva Mexico!  
(Yep that was our theme in case you missed it.)    

Basically our Viva Mexico! weekend entailed eating enchiladas and tortilla soup (left overs from previous meals), making some churros, making a pinata and playing a game called Mexican Train.  (Real game...and if you think it sounds racist than maybe you're racist because Mexico is just another country and it could be called English Train or Japanese Train just as easily....sheesh.  Besides once you do your research and find out it's origins have nothing to do with border patrol or human trafficking it's actually quite a fun game!)  We had a good time...Here are some pictures for your enjoyment: 

Hot husband making churro batter and modeling his apron.  Yowza.

The girls helping dad make churros.

 Making the pinata...3 year old wanted nothing to do with getting her hands messy.  Go figure.   

Pinata drying in the bathroom.

Look who's eating solid food!  

See...real game.  

Playing Mexican Train.  

It was a good weekend.  Next time you have an open weekend and you're not sure what to do, pick a theme and see what comes up.

We did end up taking a little day trip on was a lot of fun and that post will have to wait until tomorrow.  I've got kids to take care of for heaven's sake.  


  1. oooh, I love the idea of having a "theme" for the weekend, even if you're just hanging out...and we LOVE to play Mexican train.

    Hope you don't mind if I swipe your idea!

  2. I loved seeing Little Lampy in her Bumbo sitting on the counter observing the churro making. So, so precious.
    I really can't remember how I came upon your blog but I love your posts. I have a little one with challenges and I love reading how you deal with Lamps.
    Your post on her little antique black shoes was so dear. Keep writing.

  3. I love the family weekend theme idea! The apron is amazing. Your girls are beyond darling.

  4. Thanks for the awesome entertainment at my 4am-sleep- training-survival-blog-catch-up! Love the Mexican weekend, can't believe your Kansas lie of awesomeness, wow! To Texas... I'm sure it'll actually be awesome, people love Texas!, and I happen to LOVE getting little catalogs in the mail... So mo help there:). Hopefully we'll see you soon!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog btw.. I'm staying strong for a few more nights, but oh I just want some sleep:)

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