This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Texas

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's a little early in the game to be saying this for sure, but it looks like the next stop for our little family is Texas.  Can you believe our little stint here in Cincy is almost done?  Two years goes by in a snap and we're closing in on our final months.  It's too early to write any sort of wrap up or good bye to let's just talk about Texas for a minute.  

Texas.  To be honest, it's a little bit of a downer.  But hear me out...

When we first signed up for this Air Force gig (which is what our next move is about...paying back the Air Force for 3 years, since they paid for 3 years of dental school) we had hoped to be overseas during our payback time.  We were very fortunate in more than one instance to be moving in that exact directon.  In fact once we were accepted to the residency program in Cincinnati it was basically cemented that we would be going overseas for three years once we were done here.  Probably Japan, but maybe even Europe.  We were so excited and giddy about it all.  We talked about how blessed we were and reflected on how it worked out so perfectly.  Seriously it was an amazing chain of events that fell into place that led up to "most likely" being assigned overseas.   

Then we had Lamp.  That glorious and beautiful baby we wouldn't trade for the world, or even a large moon rock.  However, having a child with special needs immediately pulled us out of the running for an overseas assignment.  Again, wouldn't trade her for the world...but we were a little bummed about the situation.  One of our main reasons for joining the Air Force in the first place was the hope of living overseas for 3 years.  We were really, really hoping for Europe but would have taken Japan in a heartbeat.  Once we knew more about her condition we even talked to our Doctors about getting quality care overseas and they were all extremely positive about the fact that we could get excellent care for her overseas--Japan and Europe would both be great options in that respect.  But the Air Force wouldn't budge.  Wouldn't even consider it.  

So we regretfully had to let go of that little dream... and watch it sink into the frigid waters of the deep blue ocean while clinging in the bitter cold to a makeshift raft in the dark abyss of arctic waters, screaming as loudly as we could, but barely above a whisper Jack! Jack!...oh wait, I'm thinking of Titanic again.  But in all seriousness we were really bummed.  And I keep reading about a couple of famous bloggers moving to France to live abroad for a year it stings a little, like, hey that was supposed to be us.  Maybe not France, but still....this was pretty much our one opportunity to live abroad since dentists kinda have to stay put once they get their practice under way.  So to say the least, it was a huge let down.     

Then, once we accepted the fact that we wouldn't be abroad we were told we would "most likely" be assigned to Washington DC.  And I was excited again.  I mean if we couldn't be overseas Washington DC was a great runner up.  I have grown to love the east coast and I liked the idea of  DC for many reasons.  It's a beautiful city, so much to see and do, the history, close driving distance to NYC and many other great destinations....the list goes on and on.  And we really started to get our hearts set on being on the east coast again.  

Then in true military fashion the Air Force changed their minds again and said, it looks like you'll "most likely" be in San Antonio, Texas.  And even though they've said "most likely" a few times, I think this "most likely" will stick.  So all you Texans out there, please don't be mad if I'm a little less-than-excited, I think it was just the circumstances of the situation and how we ended up being assigned there.  We don't know officially until the end of February, but like I said I'm pretty sure this assignment will stick.  

 So to all you Texans, I call upon you to help me get excited about this next move...if any of you are from San Antonio or surrounding areas what do you love about your city?  What is it that makes San Antonio a great place to live?  Any areas in particular that you recommend?   
And don't worry, I won't mess with Texas... probably.         


  1. I LOVE Texas! Admittedly, there is nothing big city, foreign, exotic or glamorous about it. Maybe that's why I like it. It is just super friendly, down to earth people who have a greater appreciation for God, family and country than any of the other 6 states where I've lived. I would be happy living out my days here, but that is not likely unfortunately. I think you will love it.

  2. i am from texas!! texas is the best state. for reals. i have heard people who have only visited texas note that texans have a lot of patriotic pride, so that's something to look forward to. i'm from dallas so i don't know a lot of stuff around san antonio, but i do know some:
    -best waterpark ever. though it's closer to austin, i think, so worth it.
    -best high school football. i don't know if you guys are football fans now, but if you live there, you probably will end up.
    -for food, you can always use

    texas is similar to it's own country. it seriously is such a beautiful place.

  3. I live in Houston, which isn't far from San Antoino (Texas speaking) and I'll be honest, I wasn't too thrilled about moving here either.

    But I will say this. People in the South are the kindest people I have ever met. It's true. Cost of living is cheap cheap. We don't even have to file a state income tax return! YAY!

    And... Houston is a super duper place to be medically speaking. My baby just had surgery at Texas Children's and it was fabulous.

    It's hot though. Sorry.

  4. My sister used to live there, and I saw one of the upsides as housing being pretty much free.

  5. We have lived in Houston for a little over a year now and the best part is when everyone else is still freezing and getting snowed on and wishing it was spring, it really is spring here. Seriously, the fruit trees in our backyard are blossoming right now. In January. Crazy, right?

  6. I'm not from Texas, but I have a feeling you'll love it, especially if you love Mexican food. Tex-Mex is really good. I've got a great aunt in San Antonio, and Jill Farmer has a father-in-law there. You should ask her.

  7. Ah Migs! I LOVE Texas! I'm from Vegas and still pine for those Provo mountains, but Texas is phenomenal. That being said, I still empathize with your disappointment.

    The very first thing you need to do when you get to San Antonio is drive north on I-35 and go to New Braunfels. There is the oldest Texas bakery in the center of town called Naegelin's. Order the Sweet German Pretzel and die of happiness. Then shoot over to Landa Park just a quick drive away for a train ride with your little SP and Lamp.

    I'm in Houston but we're always up for a road trip...

  8. I have to say that I totally laughed at your Titanic comment! Hilarious.

    I'm loving Texas so far, and we've only been here a month and a half! We're about 5 hours to the north of San Anton, but at least you'll be closer to the OCEAN! What's not to love about that?! It will be great for your family...I know it :)

    Oh, and the joke from fellow UT Mormons around here is, "If we ever start saying Y'ALL, we know it's time to move!" Ha ha :) I don't think I've said it yet, but I caught one of my kiddos saying it a couple of weeks ago! (Aaahhh!)

    P.S. I won't EVER mess with Texas. I suggest you do the same. ;)

  9. San Antonio is an awesome place for kids. There is so much to do outdoors- I live in Dallas and wish it was San Antonio.

    You'll love it, plus there is the best healthcare availble in Texas. Phenominal hospitals and physicians- the volume of specialty hospitals within driving distance is impressive.

    I grew up in San Diego and I LOVE Love love texas.

  10. We too are moving to Texas (in summer 2012) after the hubs finishes law school. I'm glad you posted this so I can see everyone else's comments and find out all the ins and outs :)

    I really enjoy your blog, how loving each of you are, and how inspiring! Thank you for writing.

    All things work together for your good! That's what I have to remind myself. Currently we're (stuck) in KS (yes, close to Lawrence ;)and I'm still trying to find the positives after being here for two years already...but if anything we've been able to share the Gospel with a family and gained what I like to call "Forever Friends". And if that's really the only positive this Kansas experience brings it's worth it. Hopefully TX will be the same, if not better!

  11. When I graduated college I moved to the DC area and seriously thought I would live there for the rest of my life. Then, seven years later I met my now husband, who was moving to Houston for his job. We got married and I moved there, very grudgingly, and was still convinced that I'd convince him retire to DC. We ended up leaving Houston a year later, but you know what? I miss it. I miss it a lot. So much so that I think I would prefer settling down there when my husband retires from his current job (that takes us all over the place) in 15 years.

    I can't speak of San Antonio specifically, but I for one love the weather in TX. Sure it gets hot in the summer, but honestly, I thought it would be worse than it was. The real kicker is that the winter is mild. But my very favorite thing about TX, aside from all of the wonderful people I met there? Blue bell ice cream. I still miss it.

    Good luck. You will love it.

  12. Sorry, your dreams had to take a back seat. I have to tell you, though, i am sure you guys will make TX awesome. San ANtonio in particular has an awesome art scene (from what I can tell by the blog world). Oh, and the mexican food... I have a feeling you guys will have lots of exciting experiences ahead. Good luck with everything and keep us posted.

  13. Look forward to the best Mexican food and barbecue you'll ever have. Texas also has some of the most friendly people and the nicest drivers. I understand how it's a downer compared to an overseas adventure but i think you'll enjoy it down there.

  14. feel the pain of having to let go of a life dream for the time being. maybe it will happen for you down the road? but i bet you will make texas rock.

  15. i used to have, um, let's say "negative" thoughts about texas. so of course i married a texan, and now it's one of my favorite places in the world. as people have said, you can't beat the housing prices and the mild winters and the wonderful people. and even "y'all" isn't so bad. :)

  16. Linda P.12:56 PM

    Oooooh, I am from Texas, too! Have lived here my whole life, and I love it. I currently live in the Ft. Worth area. In San Antonio you can visit the River Walk, Fiesta Texas Amusement Park, oh, and "Remember the Alamo!!!!" (Sorry, couldn't resist.) I also love the friendly people (with just a handful of unfriendly ones thrown in to keep things interesting--wink).

    I truly am sympathetic to your disappointment at not going overseas. I am really sorry that you are having to let go of a dream. Maybe someday, though?

    BUT if you do end up in "these here parts," I think you will find a lot to love.

  17. Anonymous1:08 PM

    My husband also joined the AF in order to pay for (medical) school. We were stationed in San Antonio for 4 years and the major downside was the heat. On the plus side, there are tons of things to do with kids..SeaWorld, Fiesta Texas (Six Flags), the River Walk, etc. Also Splashtown and Schliterbahn water parks; we lived there in the summers! Also the Mercado (marketplace) and the Alamo are wonderful. And the medical facilities are awesome..I went through invitro treatments there. Good luck!

  18. If you end up in san antonio, you will be double swooning in about five days. It's one of the funnest cities. Austin is super close and has a super rad music scene.

    The food is amazing. I'm not joking. It's like what we're going to eat in heaven.

    you are so lucky!

  19. p.s. it is a little like living in a different country... just wait. you're going to love it.

  20. Hi,

    I grew up in Texas and have lived in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. So far, San Antonio is the best. Folks are friendly, traffic isn't too bad. Summers are hot, no way around it. But we have nice winters (and everywhere has air conditioning). There are parks and museums. The Spurs. You are only 1.5 hours from Austin, which always has some type of event going on. And you are a hop skip and a jump from the hill country for peach-picking in the early summer, Tubing on the River, and Octoberfest in the fall. Clayfest at Gruene, TX, Market Days in Wimberly, Outlet Malls at San Marcos. Wildflowers in the Spring and bunches of pretty state parks in the area (visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife page). 4 hours from Corpus Christi and the beach. And a new attraction---Morgans' Wonderland is in San Antonio. It's the World's first ultra accessible family park designed for children/adults with special needs.

    It is different from the East Coast. And Japan and Europe. But not a bad place. Just a different place.

  21. I'm a Texan and have never lived anywhere else, in fact. I long for an adventure that would take us to some other destination...

    Currently, here in the Dallas area, it's winter, but only this month and it'll be spring by mid-February and summer by May... which lasts until next December when we'll have fall for a few weeks :-)

    Texas will be blessed by your arrival!!

  22. I know nothing about Texas. BUT after seeing how you've made Cincy you're own, I'm certain you'll do the same with TX. Also, when we were doing our internship/job search TX came up a few times specifically San Antonio...and I've only heard good things.

    Plus, you never know what life has in store...I can see you guys getting involved in a lot of adventures down the road :)

    Best of luck!

  23. Thanks everyone for the encouragement...

    So far on the good list:

    great weather, close to the beach(road trip!), family centered, close to Austin, friendly people, cheap housing, six flags, Morgan's Wonderland designed for special needs(awesome!), good medical care, good food, and pretty parks to name a few.

    It's starting to look up. And I have to agree with those of you who pointed out the we've really enjoyed Cincinnati despite having no idea what was in store.

    On the bad list?
    Well I'm not going to go there...every place has pro's and con's so lets just focus on the pro's for now.

    OK--so keep it coming...also not 1 reader from San Antonio? What's up with that? Any San Antonian's that want a new bff?


    sadface over here in maryland.

    super duper sadface.

    I guess one good thing about texas is the stars at night are big and bright?

    I learned that from Pee Wee Herman.

    I am totally bummed. but I still love you.

  25. Likely--I know. I know....sad.

    I shouldn't have gotten our hopes up.

  26. My sister-in-law was stationed in Texas...Army. You should email her or you can find her on facebook. Sarah Heckert. Their email is Good luck. We drove through Texas a few times to visit with them. They have a Sea World. Good Luck! Hey! You could always request's considered overseas!

  27. I know about the craziness of military assignments (Army), having lived that life for the last 10 years. My husband grew up in Cincy, OH, so has a fondness for that area, and I am a PA gal. We did 2 years in NC before kids. Then we had 4 years in DC, having 2 kids while there. While we enjoyed DC, I am not sure we would go back. It is a very high cost of living area and the traffic is horrible. We decided to live inside the city, and did take advantage of the zoo, museums, and lots of other things that city life had to offer. We also didn't have school age kids to worry about. We had one more kid right before we left DC and moved to San Antonio, TX. Our family has been here for almost 3 years and our kids our now 6,4,2 and we have loved our time here. Cost of living is low, traffic is good. It is the 7th largest city in the country but doesn't feel that way. We have been able to take advantage of all the "city living" activies while still enjoying a taste of suburbia. San Antonio has a great zoo, children's and regular theater, other museums, historical sites, parks and playgrounds, nature areas, amusement parks, sports (professional and kids programs). Plus, fun trips to Austin, Houston, the beach and the hill country are not far away and can be made into a nice day or weekend trip. Sure the summer is hot, but there are plenty of pools and indoor activities to keep cool. Even though I enjoy snow. I think it is awesome to wake up Christmas morning and the kids can go outside and ride their brand new bike. A lot of resturants even have playgrounds and outside dining for families year round. Make sure you link up with the Brooke Army Medical Center or Wilford Hall Auxiliary (they are open any military spouse). Either is a great group to join for a military spouse new to the area. They offer friendship, play dates, soicals, book clubs, community service and a great amount of knowledge. The friendships I have made there have just enhanced our time in TX. I will be very sad to leave this summer as we move back to North Carolina, but please let me know if there is anything that I can do to easy your transition to the area.

  28. boo on the no over seas business but i do know that if you're headed to TX then san antonio is the place to be. supposedly it's really beautiful with the river walk and all. i've never been but when darek got a the job offer in boston he also had on in san antonio and he said it was really pretty, much greener than you would picture TX. so for what it's worth...
    plus everyone from TX loves it so there must be something lovable about it :) wish you were headed to LV tho...

  29. Hi---

    Me again---posted earlier. You've got at least one reader in San Antonio. Have been here since Summer of 2007 but am a lifelong Texan.

    I can always use a bff! :)

  30. I found your blog through Heather at Amorology weddings. Then I realized I knew your husband back in Provo. Kinda a weird coincidence. I live in San Antonio (Yay!). I can understand your disappointment in not going over seas though. I've always thought it would be such a great experience to live over seas with my family for a couple years. We moved here 3 years ago from LA and I wasn't excited. However I truly love it here! The people are so friendly and there is a lot to do. Our ward is the best ward we have been in as a married couple. Not exaggerating. It is really pretty, lot's of great food. There really isn't much bad about it except sometimes the summers are really hot. Just spend a lot of time at the pool and inside in the air conditioning. If you have any questions feel free to email me. I think once you guys get here you'll really enjoy it. There is a lot of character to San Antonio. It's fun. I'll be looking forward to seeing if you do get stationed here.

  31. San Antonio is good. Very good.

    I feel you on this one, though. I really liked our 3 years in Texas, but yeah...

    +people really are so nice.
    +cost of living.
    -kinda boring.
    +actually San Antonio is actually on the fun side of the TX spectrum.
    +close to Austin.
    +funny San Antonio culture.
    +funny texas pride.
    +focus on family!
    +depending on the area, you'll probably be in a great school district, hopefully (jealous!)
    +it seems that health care workers get a great hook-up.
    -the weather! have mercy! it's so hot!
    +the winters! i heart tx winters.
    -nature, camping, growing things, ...not so least not in big D.
    -over consumption - BIGGER IS BETTER!!! (ugh)

    I have a feeling you could thrive in Antarctica, Miggy. San Antonio is lucky to get someone as hip as you.

  32. I'm sure you have enough suggestions to comfort you, but here's one more...

    I just returned from a business trip in San Antonio this last week. I wasn't expecting much, but honestly I was pleasantly surprised. Love the people, the culture, the FOOD, gorgeous downtown, THE TEMPLE IS SOO CLOSE and there is so much to do. It has an awesome energy about it and I'd love to go back.

  33. My husband and I recently moved to Texas and we love it. I would be bummed if we were planning on living overseas and our new plan was Texas. I'm totally jealous of others who are having their little European adventures! We're living in Austin now and it's not too far from San Antonio, if you do end up in San Antonio you should definitely come out to Austin for a visit. It's true what everyone says about the people in Texas, they're so welcoming and friendly and we love our ward out here. There are so many transplants from all over the country that everyone really looks after and takes care of each other, especially in the church. I hope you guys have the same experience as we've had when you move and that you'll be able to like San Antonio and if you don't, at least it's not forever!

  34. I'm delurking to increase your excitement about Texas! I work with children with special needs and I love reading about your sweet girls, and your unique perspective on sharing your life with them. Back to Texas ... I'm a midwestern girl, but spent my childhood summers at camp in the Texas Hill Country. About an hour drive from San Antonio, and so beautiful. Hilly, green, on a river, great food and shopping - you'll love it!

  35. Hey, congratulations! I don't know a whole lot about Texas, but I'm excited for you guys to be done. Yeah! Seems to me that you always end up loving where ever you are. I'm sure you will love San Antonio too.

  36. If it helps at all, Texas is kind of like another country. They would like it to be........ :)

  37. I'm so sucky, sucky sorry! For the love of Lamp, I know it will be ok. But really, I'm so sorry.

    All I can think is: It is better than Nevada.

  38. Hey! No advice really on Texas really but congrats and I'm glad to hear (from your most recent post) that you're enjoying the nomadic mode. I kind of like it as well. Also, you need to get some big bangs + boobs. Ya know, to make friends :)

  39. Here's to some cool humanitarian dental missions in the future!

    I was sorely disappointed to miss out on Europe, but it's not going anywhere. One day, we'll both be super rich and we'll be able to vacation in Europe at will!!!

    Emily in Japan

  40. I love Austin, TX!!! My SIL teachd at UT, law school and my in-laws retired to Austin a few years ago from Chicago. We go to Austin once a year and I love it.

    I've been to San Antonio a few times because I love the River Walk and the food--the food is great all over TX.

  41. Sorry you will not be gOing overseas yet. :( BUT my in laws are mOving to San Antonio in a few months for a Navy tour and we will for sure be visiting a few times! Yay!