This Little Miggy Stayed Home: My Kid's Funnier Than Your Kid

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Kid's Funnier Than Your Kid

Sassy Pants found these large googley eyes in her art supplies, popped them in and we haven't stopped laughing since...

I love that she's so silly.  I love her personality and cute little ways.  She's my bestie and my big helper.  Honestly, having a second child has been so much easier with her around to help.  
I love you Sassy Pants. 

My birthday weekend was great.  Saturday I got a mom's day off, complete with a facial and massage.  It was heaven.  Then I came home to a home cooked Indian feast (seriously, it was gooood) and made-from-scratch chocolate cake.  Yes, my husband is amazing.  


  1. Linda P.8:24 AM

    Funny kids are sooo fun! I'm really glad you got a pampering on your bday. That must have been awesome. How special that your hubby prepared you a scrumpdillyishus dinner. Wow!

  2. Oh, little miss SP. I miss her! She is such a goofball and I love it. Please give her an "oh snap!" from Jared & me.

  3. Ok, the eyes creep me out just a little bit. But I love her silly-ness!