Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Men's Apron

One of the little Christmas traditions B and I have is to make a gift for each other every year.  To be honest, it doesn't always happen...and the term "make" is sometimes used rather liberally.   (Like the year I couldn't think of anything so I ordered a personalized mug with our photo on it.  Totally made it.)  And sometimes the gifts don't turn out quite as we imagined...but we love them anyway.  (Honey, I'm not even talking about the necklace you made, I'm going to wear it real soon...it's only been 5 years gimmie some time.) Well B has been asking for me to make him an apron for a couple years now.  I finally made it and I think it turned out really well.   Ta-da!

 I have to say it's one of my better homemade Christmas gifts.  I was going to do a tutorial, but didn't have time to stop and take pictures of every step.  However I think I'm going to make another one, so if you're interesting I might get that tutorial up yet.  In the meantime, if you want the cliff notes version, the tutorial goes like this:  Buy an apron from Williams-Sonoma, trace around the apron and sew it together.  Return apron to Williams-Sonoma.  

You may be asking yourself, so was this whole post just a venue for bragging about the apron she made?  

Pretty much.
Thanks for tuning in.  
(Now here's the part where you tell me how much you like my apron.  Yes! *fist pump*)  


  1. I'm totally laughing! I love this post :) I love your apron even more! B is a lucky man. And a happy one, I can tell!

  2. Blogs are for bragging, right? And you totally deserve to brag about this-- that apron is sa-weet!

  3. But wait... which apron did you return to W-S? ;) Your apron looks awesome and the tutorial was hilarious. You are amazing!

  4. I love that fabric! Super cute!

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