Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Short Sleeves and G-Tubes

Look at that cute baby mug

When I was in college and even a while after, I went through a phase where I cut off the sleeves of my shirts to make them short-sleeved.  I did the same with pants to make them into instant capri's or shorts.  Sometimes I hemmed them up, but often I left the edges raw because I liked the look.  I kinda went a little overboard in my clothing cutting and one winter I didn't have a pair of long pants or any long sleeve shirts at all---oops.  So a few weeks ago when I took one of Lamp's nighties and cut the sleeves off it felt really familiar.  Such a small thing I know, but it was kinda funny to see something like that come full circle.  I didn't think twice, I just went upstairs chopped them off and thought, this seems oddly familiar...oh yeah.  And I've been cutting off Lamp's sleeves left and right (literally!) ever since.  I think some people could have hesitations when it comes cutting off the sleeves of a cute outfit for a baby...like it might look strange, or it would ruin the outfit but it was kinda cool thinking I had a little preparation in doing something like this and that it felt totally normal.
It's the small things I tell ya...  

Also, just so you know the g-tube is holding up quite well (knock on wood).  And I have to say there are actually some pro's to having a g-tube.  As most of you know Lamp's g-tube isn't being used in the traditional way--which is to feed her through it--but it's nice to have the option, and has come in especially handy with medication.  When Lamp was recovering from her surgery she was taking pain medication every 3 hours, in addition to antibiotics for an ear infection.  She was getting really annoyed with medication and kept spitting it out.  No problem!  We'll just put it in the g-tube.  Medication issue solved.  Also, if she seems a little gassy, we don't have to burp her or mess with mylicon drops...just open up the g-tube and let the air right out!  Seriously, g-tubes are kinda sweet...I think they might catch on.  And if they do, I think we'll all know who started that trend.  (Starts with 'L' ends with 'amp.')   

In other Lamp news, she discovered her fake cough last weekend.  Oh man, I love the fake cough.  So cute, and actually quite effective.  

Well that's it for today.  



  1. Linda P.11:54 AM

    Cuuutie pie face! How great that you are finding the advantages of Miss Lamp having this G-tube! I'm so thankful that she is doing well with it. Wish I could hear her fake cough. I know just what you are talking about. : )

  2. I love my visits to Miggy Stayed Home...

  3. So cute! I love her style, man. P.S. I put a few hand-me-downs in your package (soon to arrive! We had a snow-storm, so that slowed me down, but it is on the way!), and I want you to cut these things to bits if they will work for sweet Lamp:) I love those gals from afar!

  4. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Ahhh, I really wish I could just reach through the comp. and hold her! She is such a sweetie :) Glad to hear she is doing better. xoxo
    p.s. loved the googly eyes... there's no way I could look at those pics and not smile :)

  5. So glad to hear the tube is holding up!!

    Oh, the fake cough! So far my 6 month old hasn't caught on to that one yet...but I remember being *so* amused when my firstborn became a fake-coughing infant. Good times!

  6. Oh, As soon as you said you cut up her clothes I thought exactly what you wrote --- THAT IS SOOOO HER!!!! I loved that about you in college. Do you remember that time I came over to your house for you to show me how to cut up my shirts? I still have that shirt. and it is still a favorite. is that weird?

    I love that you can still practice this fine art.

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