This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Surgery and Other Holiday Festivities

Monday, December 20, 2010

Surgery and Other Holiday Festivities

Lamp is scheduled for surgery.  Yep...this week.  In some ways it seems like Let's just take the busiest time of the year when family is coming into town, when food must be made and houses must be cleaned and gifts still purchased then wrapped and then lets just throw a major life situation into the mix like surgery on your not quite 6 month old daughter and commence the freaking out.  But in reality it's actually perfect timing because family will be here to help with big sister, and Christmas cooking and other festivities thus allowing us the flexibility to go back and forth from the hospital as needed.  So really, I think this was the best possible scenario.      

So the official situation--if we can call it that--is that she needs surgery on her stomach.  Fortunately it's not quite as bad as what I discussed before--her colon is not twisted or anything--so it is just her stomach.  However, for the sake of brevity and privacy (yes I don't tell you guys everything) I'm just going to say it's her stomach and surgery is this week and leave it at that.  We were still feeling a little unsure about everything, however after meeting with the surgeon last week we feel a lot better about the whole thing.  He's done this type of procedure before and that alone gives us a lot more confidence.  He was very patient and kind and answered all our questions.  Of course having my baby going under general anesthesia and being in the hospital for a 3-4 day stay is still a bit nerve-wracking but we're moving forward and overall we feel confident about it all.  I'm just glad Lampy's not old enough to know what's going on or she'd be like, Surgery is the lamest Christmas present ever...thanks you guys.  (Of course we know the availability of having surgery when it's needed is actually a huge blessing.)  As always we love and appreciate any prayers on behalf of this little one.  

In other news, Lamp continues to be the cutest, sweetest baby in the whole wide world.  
So that's the update.       


  1. I am wishing your adorable Lamp well. I hope that her surgery is successful and her recovery is not too rough. You did good at looking at the bright side of things - family and such available because of the holidays. We have been in the hospital over Christmas before - you have to think of some positive or you lose it. I will keep Lamp and your family in my thoughts!

  2. Merry christmas and thoughtful prayers coming your way from Maryland. We love you Lampy. And of course we love you too Lazahn -- how do you spell it again?

  3. I'll be thinking and praying for you all. Lampy is much too cute to have to go through all that.