Monday, December 06, 2010

Another Tent!

Yowza, that last tent went fast!  Don't despair if you liked the last one, you're sure to like this one too...check it out here and get it while it's hawt.  

Please note that I'm always willing to do custom orders as well.  (Probably not before Christmas...unless you beg and plead and just can't live without it...maybe).   Just for a reference, here are some of my other tents I've done in the past.  


  1. Um. I am an adult. I do not have kids (yet), but I do live in Cincinnati...and I want a tent. ;) Haha...actually should probably save the tents for those who do have kiddos. Although, I think I could save a lot on shipping. Heehee. You are one talented lady. I've had visions of vintage-circus-themed nurseries lately (even though we are not even trying to conceive) ((sheepish laugh)) and I think a tent is in order. I'll hit you up in a year or two. Love you, Love your blog, Your lamp, and your 3 yr. old "beanie" to boot!

  2. LOVE the yellow stripes!!! Must have for Peter in the basement! Ok, I'm going to look at the shop so I can remember the price and see how it fits in budget.