Thursday, November 18, 2010


So yesterday I came home from running errands to find a large and mysterious package on my front door.  Hmmmm, I don't remember ordering anything from Amazon....

What could it be?

Are you kidding me????

A serger.  Someone sent me a serger.  

No note.  No packaging slip.  Nothing.  Except a beautiful, brand new SERGER for me.  And Lamp.   

This is so much better than winning that contest because of the thoughtful, amazing, generous gift that it is.  I would love to know the person (persons?) responsible, but I also respect the desire to remain anonymous as well.  

So to the anonymous sender/senders of the serger,   

Thank you.  I am beyond touched that you would buy this gift for me and my family.  My heart is full and jumping for joy.  I'm am SO excited to put it to use.  I'm still a little in shock that someone would actually do this.  Talk about a hair brushing moment...the lightness and joy my heart felt at receiving such a personal and tender gift is beautiful and inspiring.  Your example of selflessness and kindness is one I hope to emulate and live up to.  Again, from the bottom of my heart....Thank you.  


ps.  It will probably take me a little time to learn learn to use my serger, not to mention the time to use it once I've learned and time seems to be something I'm lacking please be patient if you don't see any immediate fruits of your gift.  It will definitely get plenty of use.    


  1. Ohmygoodness, how wonderful! I LOVE seeing evidence that people truly are good hearted. :) Lamp is going to be such a fashionista!

  2. That made my day. What a sweet thing to happen.

  3. Enjoy- you deserve it.
    What an inspiring story to read. Can I say 'thank you' to whomever sent it too, please?!

  4. Oh my gosh! What a wonderful thing for someone to do. I can only imagine how that made your day! So happy that someone was thoughtful enough to do that.

  5. Fabulous! My husband gifted me with the same serger for Christmas last year and it was VERY easy to learn on.... and has totally changed the way I sew- so much faster!!! Enjoy!

  6. so i even have a little tear in my eye! i wish it had been me to think up such a perfect plan! someone out there really earned their blessings today. i'm so happy for you!

  7. That is pretty amazing. Some people keep the faith going. And Miggy, you more than deserve this!

  8. I cried as I read this. So happy for you. What a blessing.

  9. Whaa? So exciting! Happy serging!

  10. Yay! That's so great. You will love it. Just a quick tip so you can avoid the frustrations that follow: DO NOT unthread your machine when changing colors. Sergers are a pain to thread. You'll probably realize this soon if you haven't already :) Cut the threads long at the top near the spools and simply tie on the new colors to each thread end. Then pull each thread fully through the machine, thread the needle and you are good to go.( I'm sure your manual sats something like this.) ive learned the hard way so I just thought I'd spare you the pain :)

  11. Anonymous4:41 PM

    So happy to hear you have a serger now! I'm sure you'll have it figured out in no time since you're jut like that... a talent I don't have, but I hope it gets passed down to my kids from their awesome Autnie :) It's always nice to read a heartwarming story like that too :)