Friday, November 12, 2010

It's the Weekend...

I know the blogging has still been rather sparse lately... not that you care, but I care.  
So as a semi-lame Friday post I will leave you with my top 3 reasons I'm excited for this weekend. 

1)  Husband is still taking the night feeding for me on the weekends, so it's sorta like a couple days off from work.  Whoo-hoo.    

2)  Hanging out with my peeps.  Family, isn't it about...time?  

3)  Finally, we're having a girls only dance party this weekend!  No kids, no husbands.  Just what I need to recharge my batteries.   (To be clear, I LOVE dancing with my husband--he's a great dancer, but someone's got to watch the kids.)  I'm putting together the set list and I'm pretty sure I've got my bases covered, but just for kicks I'd love to have your favorite, must-have dance song recommendations. 


  1. "Hey Ya!" by Outkast, and "Gloria" by Laura Branigan! Pretty random, huh?:)

  2. Since U Been Gone --Kelly Clarkson
    Single Ladies --Beyonce

  3. Suz--good suggestions!

    Danielle-- perefect...they were both already on the playlist.

  4. love is in the air- from strictly ballroom. john paul young? i think.

  5. Heidi--one of my all time favorite movies! Great song...

  6. Battleflag by Lo Fidelity Allstars (RADIO EDIT VERSION), Shake It by Metrostation, Neon Trees by Animal, Violent Femmes if you want to go retro, Mambo No. 5 (A little bit of...) by Lou Bega, Are you gonna be my girl by Jet, Justin Timberlake - Carry Out and Sexyback.
    If you have any of these already, I'll feel cool.

  7. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Dynamite from Taio Cruz. Gets me moving at the gym!

  8. Reporting from the hospital here! Don't really feel like dancing at the moment, but give me a week or two and I will be shaking it again.

    We have a lot of dance parties at our house. I have yet to really find friends out here who like to dance. I would love to come to your party!

    Gosh, there are so many I love to dance to -- it's like the flavor of the day around here.

    You have to have some Beastie Boys in there. Intergalactic, Brass Monkey, Paul Revere....

    Black Eyed Peas - pick one
    Let me Clear my throat
    Rappers Delight
    Gold Digger
    Empire State of Mind

    some classics:
    ALWAYS something Michael. Beat it or Billie Jan are probably my favorites.

    Footloose. -- I have loved to dance to this one since I was like in 2nd grade.

    this could potentially be the longest comment I ever wrote if I kept going so I will stop. All the other commenters are doing a good job too!

  9. So. much. fun that you are having a girls dance party!!!!! I must do this!