This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Remember in the movie Weird Science when Gary and Wyatt think they're going to have a little get together and when they open the front door there are hundreds of people who show up ready to party at Wyatt's house?  If that reference is a little before your time perhaps you'll remember in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You when that one nerdy kid is planning on a small social gathering only to (again) have hundreds of kids show up and he suddenly realizes his lone cheese ball isn't going to cut it?  Same thing happens in Mean Girls.  I could go on and on....the teen film genre is full of this stuff....Anyway, my point being that's sorta how I felt the past couple of days as I opened up my humble little blog to a few new friends only to have a mass of traffic that I was slightly unprepared for.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and love the new company, but I find myself thinking Oh shoot, I should have had more posts ready....did I give the right links?  Oh man, my banner is way outdated...I should really have that spruced up a bit... and so on.  So instead of freaking out like Wyatt, nerdy kid and Cady, I'm going to adopt Cher's attitude from her epic high school debate speech in Clueless and remember...the more the merrier!  That metaphor doesn't really translate, because it's not like all the extra visitors are unwelcome--quite the contrary--but I just wasn't prepared for such a high hopefully you catch my drift.  

Anyway, to all you newcomers, welcome.  I hope you enjoy our little neck of the blogosphere.  I've really appreciated your kind and uplifting comments.  Thanks.

I'm going to be signing off for the rest of the week to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend too.  I'm so grateful for my life and all the wonderful people in it.  Especially these three--the Chilean miner, Snow White and Sleepy.  

And just a quick update... Lamp is going to get some testing done on her stomach on Monday.  Again it was the mother of 5 who pretty much made it happen.  The down side of this testing is that Lampy can't eat for 4 hours prior to testing and the 3 procedures will last about an our and a half.  So no eating for 5+ hours...basically baby torture.  Especially for one who eats so frequently.  Poor thing.  But hopefully it will pay off and we'll have some answers soon.  Yay.  


  1. We will be praying for little Lampy over this Thanksgiving weekend. That's going to be a long 5 hours for her on Monday, but especially for her Mom.

  2. good luck with the testing! hopefully she can get some yummy yummy filling thanksgiving milk to help her hold off....

    we will be praying....

  3. Anonymous4:55 PM

    From this new-comer: thank you for the welcome! I have truly enjoyed your posts are reading about baby Lamp and the rest of the fam. Happy Thanksgiving and good luck on Monday! :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
    Keeping you in our prayers for Monday to be quick and smooth for Little Lamp, and you too.

    I am new to your blog, coming over from Reagan, and CJane too. You are awesome!


  5. I am a new comer who found your blog from Molly Jackson's blog. She is a friend of mine. I wanted to let you know that your little baby Lamp is beautiful. I am a mother of my own special needs little baby girl, she is two. Her special needs are very different, but it has strengthened me so much and made me into a better person, and I have realized over the last two years that these amazing little ones are such a priceless blessing. Thank you for sharing your experiences and feelings. She is just precious.

  6. i found your blog through reagan's. i work in early intervention in utah and i love love love special needs babies! my husband was watching byu weekly a couple days ago and showed me this clip about a new device that tracks eye movement on computers. it's made for people who don't have use of their hands! like lamp! so maybe one day, when hopefully it's cheaper :) she will have that option. awesome, huh?! love to your beautiful family.

  7. Linda P.8:59 AM

    I am a newcomer as well, Miggy! I am a regular reader of Reagan's Blob, and I found y'all's (yes,I'm a Texan :D) interviews of each other very special. I am the mother to a young adult special needs son, and we are traveling across new territory (for us!) as we figure out what it means to have an adult son with special needs. He is a special young man, just as your little Lamp and your other daughter are the most precious little sweethearts. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. Hugs.

  8. Good luck with the testing! :)