This Little Miggy Stayed Home: That's So Lazahn

Friday, October 01, 2010

That's So Lazahn

I need to get something off my chest.  I don't like the psudonym "Beanie."  It's not a nickname we ever call her and it's not really fitting for her.  I guess it was fitting as a baby, but it's not now and I'm taking a stand dangit.  She will be further known as...I don't know... just not Beanie.  In fact if you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way.  Moving on...  

So the 3 year old formerly known as Beanie digs the Fancy Nancy books.  If you're not familiar with them Fancy Nancy is a little girl who likes everything to be fancy.  Even the way she talks.  She's always saying this is a fancy word for that, like fuschia is a fancy word for purple or parfait is a fancy word for ice cream.  So a couple of weeks ago the 3 year old tells us Lazahn is a fancy word for fancy.  It never occurred to us that the 3 year old thought Nancy was just making up words, but apparently that's what she thinks.  She thinks you can just make up a word and say it's a fancy way of saying something else.  And her new word is Lazahn.  (It's like Lasagna without the last syllable).   As far as made up words go I have to give her credit because lazahn does have a rather regal sound to it.  It's not easy trying to make up words.  In 7th grade my BFF and I decided to make up some words so when we were on the phone our parents wouldn't understand us.  Our words were carpet-work, carpet-play and milk-toast.  Super lame right?  I don't really remember what the first two meant, but I'll never forget being in English class in high school a few years later when my teacher used the word milquetoast and I flipped.  You mean that's a real word?!  My friend and I made up that word in middle meant we were bored!  And since our fake milk-toast was so similar to the real milquetoast I think she was impressed... kinda.  And obviously we were bored.  So yeah, the little Miss is good at making up words.  And names.  Yesterday she embellished on a few names for her stuffed animals and once again...color me impressed.  

Here she is having a pic nic with all her guys in my room.  She has named some of her animals before, but today she gave them all middle names.  Tortilla (her puppy) was the only animal not given a middle name.  And I agree with her decision, I think Tortilla stands on it's own.  Giraffe who was Glowy, is now Glowy Daisy (Cara--she loves her Giraffe).  Her pink Unicorn (who is hiding behind the giraffe) is Una Unicorn.  Concise.  My personal favorite is Lamby Salon...once again a perfect combo.  And get this...instead of calling Minnie, Minnie Mouse (she's hiding behind the 3 year old in this pic) she's Minnie Madame.  And of course Princess Fruitsnack....which admittedly isn't her real name but I can't remember which food she was named after, so I'm going to say Princess Fruitsnack.  

So as you can see she's practically a professional.  I think we should all embrace her new word lazahn and add it to our personal lexicons. I think it could catch on.  And then maybe one day the 3 year old will be in English class when her teacher uses lazahn in a sentence and it will be her turn to flip and she can be all hey, I made up that word!  


  1. I love the names!! Graham calls most of his animals "Cindy", after Allen's childhood dachsund:) Haha! He did recently name a grey cat "Cumulo-nimbus", which I enjoyed.
    As for new blog-nick-names, what about Rose-bud, or Peapod? You get the references, I know...:) We sure do miss that little lady!

  2. What a bright little girl you have. (notice I did not say Beanie.)

  3. My father in law uses the word milquetoast all the time, and I thought he had made it up! So funny!!

  4. I loved every ounce of this post.

  5. I think my favorite part is that you made up a word for "bored" - milk-toast. Because heaven forbid those sneaky parents overheard you saying you were bored! You're funny, Miggy!!!

    I like that Beanie's name is evolving...but, I'm not super creative with these things, but I know some of your friends will come up with something good.

  6. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Dear Miggy,

    At last, a new blog name for that precious child! (I must admit, I never liked "Beanie"...) She is beautiful, smart, charming, creative, engaging and a little sassy (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree)!

    No suggestions, but my smart & talented daughter will know exactly the right Nick-name... I do like Lazan!

    You all are looking good!!!!!

    All my love,

  7. Glad she is loving Glowy Daisy. Let her know that I had a hard time parting with Glowy, and I am thrilled to see she has a loving home!

  8. Love the three year old imagination! =) If you don't like 'Beanie', perhaps you should consult Miss Fancy Nancy namer-girl herself...Didn't she come up with Lamp? That name was perfect, and I must say that the other names mentioned in this post are pretty perfect too.

  9. Oh my gosh, the day after I read this post I read an interview with Katherine Heigl and she actually said milquetoast! I had never heard of this word and in two days I hear it twice. Funny.

  10. I love the Fancy Nancy books! They are SO cute! Love the 3-year-old creativity and imagination :-D