This Little Miggy Stayed Home: M.I.A.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We had some of our besties from NYC visiting us the past few days.  Blogging was on the back burner while eating pie, playing with babies and swapping stories was on the forefront.  The last time we were with these guys we had 1 kid between the 4 of us... and now a mere 18 months later there are 4 kids!  Multiply and replenish indeed.  

Additionally, I just want to shed some light on a little conspiracy I've stumbled upon.  In my professional opinion I think Lamp might be the most delightful baby in the world.  And I can say this even after having some occasional off days recently (short naps, crying more than usual, etc).  I honestly didn't know babies could be like this.  I didn't know babies could be so pleasant and sweet to have around.  She is delightful.  I have to practice significant restraint when hugging and cuddling that one because I just want to squeeze the stuffing out of her...she is just that adorable.  In fact, she's so sweet and cute I found myself ready to proclaim that I was officially reversing my "I'm not a baby person" stance.  But then I was like...Wait a minute.  Get a hold of yourself woman.  This is totally a trick.  Heavenly Father sends you the cutest most pleasant baby in the whole world so that you think maybe we'll have just one more kid and then wham!  Next thing you know you've got colicky triplets with severe acid reflux.

Not. falling. for. it.  
Nice try though.  

I'll just continue to enjoy this little love of mine and count my lucky stars she ever came into our lives.     


  1. Beautiful photo and you gave me a great laugh. So true (not. falling. for it...) so true, indeed!

  2. Beautiful photo indeed!
    Little Lamp is just getting ready to do great things in this life with her sweetness.

  3. I remember talking to you in the Inwood NYC playgroup about Beanie's first difficult year or so, as my Scarlett was the same variety (mad and never slept). I know have a three week old newborn who seems to be as content as Lamp. I laugh at how I feel the same way as you- amazed that they will look and us happily and cuddle and it doesn't take an exhausting constant effort to make them stop screaming every minute.

    I love your blog. You are so real and refreshing.

  4. this is too funny... I know your friends from NYC... she is cousins with my Besty in Vegas. What a small world. Lamp is beautiful, I'm so happy for you.

    Love you. Jorja

  5. Oh how fun that you got to hang out together! One of these days I want to come visit too!

    I laughed at your description of wanting to squeeze the stuffing out of Lamp... I totally get that with Lucie. Jonah does too and unfortunately tries on a regular basis. Too much cuteness! Can't handle it! :)

  6. Great picture! I can't believe its such a small world. We were at UCLA with that lovely couple for a couple of years. Such good people.

  7. I am just like you. I WAS not a baby person and before Kal, I didn't know how to hold one. Now, with Buster, I totally squeeze and make ridiculous baby noises and he just cuddles me back. It's awesome.

  8. We loooved spending time with you, squeezing the stuffing out of your babies, and um Graeters. Thanks for being amazing hosts and making us so comfortable. We love you and miss you more than ever!

    Also, Lamp really is the sweetest little thing! Don't be fooled into colicky triplets!!