Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lamp Update

Lamp got fitted for a brace on her right leg last Friday.  On the lower portion of her right leg she only has one bone, instead of 2 like most of us have.  This causes her foot to flip out to one side--almost like a reverse club foot (which flips inward, her foot goes out).  The brace, and subsequent braces, will help reposition her foot in a more normal (for lack of a better word) position so she'll be able to wear shoes and eventually walk. The physical therapist said it might take a few days to work up to it but she needs to have it on for at least 6 hours a day.  So far my little Lampy hardly seems to notice it at all.  She was super cute and sweet through out the entire appointment and again the therapist said with babies it sometimes takes a few tries before they get the brace to fit just right.  Lamp did it right the first time.  What a little overachiever.  The brace itself is so tiny, it's actually quite cute.  I'm definitely going to keep it in a little memory box for her.  I just can't believe what a little trooper she is.  Before she was born I was really worried about my baby having different devices strapped to her little body.  As if it's not hard enough just being a baby and figuring this world out you suddenly throw in braces and prosthetic limbs and it seems all the more foreign and uncomfortable.  But so far this little one just seems to take it all with such grace and dignity.  

On Sunday I was thinking about the fact that having a baby--any baby, whether it's our first or our fifth--is the biggest leap of faith I think we take in this life.  Without meeting this little person beforehand you agree to take on whatever challenges they throw your way.  (I was actually thinking of this in terms of the 3 year old and not Lamp FYI, who has been a hand full lately.)  I think it's amazing that we date our prospective mates, meet their families, ask them questions and with the affirming emotions of love and the logical aspects of choice we eventually agree to move forward with marriage and partnership.  We don't do that with our children.  We have NO idea of what challenges (and rewards) they'll bring our way.  Behavioral issues, medical problems, diseases and disorders.  And those are the more rare issues, but every parent deals with sleepless nights, tantrums, crying, whining, and general chaos.  And like I said, I know there are abundant rewards which often outweigh the frustrations.  However, I still find it incredibly amazing that we agree to these little people with no parental equivalent of a prenup, no pre-arranged meeting or agreements.  And somehow we end up loving them beyond what we thought possible.  I know it works the other way around as well...these little beings don't exactly get a say in who their parents are, which is often an even scarier prospect.  Anyway, I just think it's an amazing process.  Personally I feel like I won the lottery with my two girls, but I'm sure I'm not the only parent who feels that way.  



  1. Wow, your words really strike me as true today. It IS such a leap of faith, both for the parents and the children. I think that's why the whole structure and purpose of families is so godlike. It requires so much faith, patience, growth, and leaning on the lord. The whole process makes us better people.

    And how is it that a brace can look so cute? Little Lamp is going to be quite the trendsetter. :)

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Her little leg seems, well so little. But we all know that sweet child is "all heart & soul"! Good for you Lamp!

    Love, hugs, kisses and prayers to Lamp, and all of you!

    All my love,

  3. Aw, I'm so in love with little Lamp. She sounds like a doll! I was listening to Elder Holland's talk last night from this recent Conference and totally thought of you. He mentioned children with disabilities and it was really touching.

  4. That is a cute little brace. I love little Lamp's personality (by the way that you describe it). She seems like such a sweetheart baby.

  5. How funny, I have been thinking the EXACT same thing recently. Having a child is like making a purchase where you have NO IDEA what you are going to get--with a no return policy.

    (Not that I would want to, but you know what i mean...)

  6. Loved this post. Having a baby is a huge leap of faith but the rewards are great.

  7. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Love her! Glad to see you've grown from wanting to exchange me as a baby because I cried too much...I'll never hear the end of it. But Tres and Lamp are far too cute for exchanges anyway, you definitely hit the jackpot.

    Do you know what your next post should be about?? "Can't Wait for Christmas in Utah 2010!" Brilliant!

    Miss you! Give everyone loves!
    -little sis

  8. I had never thought of motherhood in quite that way before. But I guess it is a huge leap of faith. More than that, to me it seemed like something I was totally compelled to do.

    Little Lamp continues to warm my heart and soul. You do, too.

  9. She is precious beyond words. And your words are very precious too.

  10. Well, I won the lottery with Brian too, so you're not alone in thinking that! :)

    That makes me happy that someday Lamp should be able to walk! I hope that everything goes well with her little leg brace.

  11. How interesting- Mike and I were literally just talking about this very thing last night...

    well said.