Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hope you have a great Halloween weekend.  This two have a little sister costume combo planned... I think it's going to be a hit, but no pictures until Monday.  Have fun!

Oh and what the's a little blast from the past Halloween pic.  My roomie and I were Axel and Slash, and our other roomie was our groopie.  If you don't know who Axel and Slash are...well sad for you.   Not my most flattering picture, but probably one of my best halloween costumes in the past 7 years.  Enjoy.    


  1. What beauties they both are.

    And I am one of those who does not know who Axel and Slash are. But then I'm a grandma, so what can I expect :)

  2. Have fun on Halloween! Of course, I LOVE the photo...haha...those were fun times. I don't really think I've dressed up for Halloween since then. Trotwood is a sock monkey for Halloween this year and I was going to be a Monkey and Mr. Rochester a Sock (with the offspring of sock monkey) but we never got our costumes together. I'll be posting some pictures of Trotwood the Sock Monkey on our blog soon though! I'm excited to see your girls' costumes!

  3. Whoa! Sweet child of mine:)

  4. Oh I have such fond memories of being Axl...I feel like I just can't top that costume. Good times. Happy Halloween!