This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Annual Apple Picking

Monday, October 18, 2010

Annual Apple Picking

Apple picking has become a favorite family tradition.  Admittedly this wasn't our best year (poor selection and no apple cider donuts!)  But it was beautiful nonetheless and we still had a great time.  

Lamp sized apple

She wanted a 'camouflage' picture... where does she get this stuff?

Leaf mustache

Leaf mustache?

The apple picking wasn't so great, but we found the cutest pumpkin ever. 

I've been a little busy/frazzled lately, but hopefully I'll get back to regular posting this week.  Cheers. 


  1. How fun that I got to wake up to these cute pictures! Lamp's little face peaking through was the best :)
    Darling little girls you have.

  2. I thought of you yesterday, as I was visiting a different LDS congregation than my own. A man walked in, leading his wife by the hand. Well, she was holding onto his hand, which I could see, from his short-sleeved white shirt, was part of an arm, obviously not fully formed, and very much shorter than his other, whole arm. I don't think his wife minded, at all, as she was holding on, w/ her other hand, a cane, which proclaimed her to be legally blind. They were accompanied by a handsome teenage son, and lovely young daughter, and I thought how perfect a family they are. Obviously they both face physical challenges, but they haven't let it stop them leading full lives, completed by each other. I just can't help but think your little Lamp will be lighting many lives as she grows up.

  3. GH--thanks! I think they're some pretty great faces to wake up to as well.

    YS--what a sweet story. I too believe she will be a little light to others...she is to us.

    Thanks for the kind words ladies.

  4. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I love all the pics- but my fave is the camouflage one ;) So funny that she came up with that idea ha ha!

  5. I'm jealous- we tried to keep with the same tradition but it was totally a bust. You will have to fill me in on your orchard 'cause I drove forever only to get lost and end up at Kroger to 'pick' our apples. Total bummer.
    BTW your post below made me LOL!