Friday, September 03, 2010

One Day at a Time...

The girls and their cousins a few weeks ago

We're alive.

Wednesday was a dreaded family sick day.  Luckily the baby was spared, but the rest of us were sick.   Puking.  Achy.  Tired.  Sick.  I think it was the plague.  The 24 hour plague.  The hubs stayed home from work while we alternated sleeping and taking care of the baby.  No fun.  But we're better now.

Yesterday however was another beast.  One of those days where I understand why some animals eat their young.  Not so much the baby...Lamp was a sweetheart.  But Beanie....oh that Beanie.  The low point was when she clocked me in the face with her sippy cup.  Finally at the end of the day as we were walking home from a friends house--Beanie in the stroller and Lamp in the carrier--I told Beanie I couldn't talk to her anymore because I had something important I had to listen to.  Then I put on my ipod and started rocking out to Guns 'n Roses.  It was one of those moments where all the parenting commercials about listening to your kids and spending quality time with them went out the window.  I had to get much more basic....either I mentally checked out for a few minutes or I might have gone bezerk on a certain 3 year old before we reached home.  There are the days you try really hard to go the extra more understanding and patient, really interact with your kids, listen to what they're saying and just enjoy the moment.  Then there are the days that you just try to get through without resorting to corporeal punishment.   These days I feel like I often look around at the other young mothers in the world--at the zoo, the children's museum, the park--and I wonder what their story is.  What their daily battles are, how they survive, etc.  Even without knowing the details I just feel a kinship to these other women just knowing we're all fighting the good fight.  

So hats off to you other mothers today.  Just remember if you're battling a toddler, waking up with a crying baby or negotiating with a hormonal teenager you're not alone....somewhere in the world there's another mother doing the exact same thing.  Good luck to you.   


  1. My friend has this quote on her FB that I think totally relates:

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." -- Plato

    So true. Great post. H

  2. Right there with ya. 3 year old ladies can be quite the creatures.

  3. I deal with chaotic mom moments by listening to music too. I think it totally helps. I love that Guns N Roses was your music of choice.

  4. Amen, sistah! It seems like the new babes are so chill when compared with the 3-yr. olds! I am in your boat! Sorry you guys were sick:( I hope that Lamp stays well, and you guys get some good R&R:) XOXO

  5. Ahhhhhh.....thank you. I remember a close friend saying, while 3 year old Ella was being a little monster..."2's ain't nothin' on 3's!"

    Sorry to hear about sickies.

  6. So true! J and I both agree that our stress lately isn't the new baby-- it's dealing with the other three children without going postal. :)

    Stay healthy!

  7. So fitting for me, especially this week. It's been a battle field around here! Thanks for the boost.

  8. You too?? Something in the baby moon. Will cut all four 2-year molars last week. Thursday rates among my top 5 worst days EVER. I need an iPod.

  9. Haha, that makes me laugh! Sometimes you just need a little Guns N' Roses. Speaking of...I just came across a picture from Halloween back in the day. It also makes me laugh that we dressed up like Axl and Slash!