This Little Miggy Stayed Home: More Questions: Part 4

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Questions: Part 4

I'm happy to report that pre-school was great.  We had a good time and later when I asked Beanie what her favorite part of pre-school was that day she said,  What a little heart melter.  I love that stinker bean.    

So I had a few more questions I wanted to answer.  These are some non-Lamp related questions.  The first one comes from my dear pal Debi.  And the second one comes from another anonymous.  So here we go.

Obligatory cute Lamp photo

Debi:  I've been kind of fascinated with blogging lately (I know I am soooo last one on the boat). Why do you blog, and how do you choose what goes on the blog and what doesn't?

Anon:  Hi, I have newly discovered the world of blogs and through my poking around I noticed so many bloggers are Mormon. Is this a coincidence or something more thought out?  I have loved all the blogs I have discovered and have enjoyed your story.

I like these questions because welp, I really like blogging.  So Deb why do I blog?  Well my blog has definitely evolved over the years.  Yes I've been blogging for years.  Weird.  B was actually the one to sign us up and jump on the blogging train.  Since we were newlyweds of just 2 weeks and had moved far, far away to the land of Oz, we just blogged about what we were doing and put up pictures of ourselves and our latest antics for our friends and family to read.  Over time B stopped posting (he'll tell you I took over the blog, I say he got bored with it) and when Beanie came along it became this new life line for me.  As a new mom I found some other blogs that really spoke to me and found my own blog to be a wonderful outlet for my new-mom frustrations and joys, as well as a way to connect with other people in general.  As I started seeing some blogs really take off I  started to get a little blog envy you could say.  I'd think well maybe I could do that instead...or maybe I should make my blog like this... I mean why shouldn't I be able to make a little coin on the side too?  And so I toyed with the idea of trying to make my blog more marketable, which to me meant less personal.  But I still wanted to blog about me and my family and I know I wouldn't have the time to do 2 blogs.  Then somewhere along the way I realized that while I like posting about projects, clothes, design, art, cool stuff, I like my blog most for the writing experience, for telling my own stories and making it a bit of a journal.  So there you go.  I just kept on doing what I liked to do and while I never considered myself much of a writer that's sort of what I like my blog for the most.   I also really have enjoying getting in touch with old friends, and even making new friends through the blog world.  And I'd say it's even made me closer to people I formerly considered acquaintances.  All those things were a little strange at first, but once I embraced it for what it is, I sorta stopped thinking it was weird.  The whole idea of forming connections on line definitely has a dark side, but it has a good side as well.  As for what goes on the blog?  That's a toughie... sometimes I'm struggling to figure out what's blogable, other times it just flows... and then sometimes I simply steal ideas like the question and answer session I've got going here.  I guess whatever I find interesting, compelling, funny, lame, cool, clever, wiggety-whack, or straight up rad goes on the blog...which really narrows it down.  

Another way you can spot a Mormon design blogger is that we use babies in our decor...

And now Anon.  Mormons and bloggers.  Yes, there's definitely a connection right?  My personal take on it is that one of the things that Mormons are encouraged to do from the time we're young is to keep a journal.  Why?  Well you can read more about it here.  I think the why? varies for everyone.  Like most good habits, there is more than one reason.   One explanation that has always resonated with me was when I heard someone say, If you knew someone was keeping a record of your life--namely yourself--you're likely to live it differently.  So for many Mormons blogging is a way of journaling that also lets friends and family see what you've been up to.  Here's another take on the whole Mormon Blogger question I saw recently (actually Mormon design bloggers) which I also thought had some good/interesting reasoning behind it.  It's written by Emily Henderson who recently won the HGTV's Design Star competition and is a former Mormon.  Even for the former Mormon's it seems it's still in the blood.  

Thanks you guys.  


  1. I'm loving these Q & A's. Its pathetic but it feels almost like we are getting to chat. Its a shame we only hung out that one American Idol night. :-)

  2. Look at that Lamp! So cute. Great pics. We wish we could come & play.

  3. That little Lamp is so gorgeous. And I love what you've done with your wall (from what I can see)

  4. Oh, what dearness! Lamp is beautiful. She's the Pièce de résistance. You know, Miggy, I've always been jealous (in a good way) that you have such a knack at style--it's like it comes right out of you as easy as speaking. How did you develop your sense of style? :D

  5. Your blog is wonderful. I love your style and your little Lamp absolutely melts my heart. What a beautiful family you are creating!

  6. You are a great blogger and it's fun to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for answering my question... but *especially* for the Lamp pictures. :)

  7. i agree with the last comment. lamp absolutely melts my heart!!! not sure how i found your blog... but your family, your faith, your inspiration gives me sooooo much hope. im absolutely in love with your whole family and lamp. you are a very strong and very capable woman (as is your husband and bean) and i really think you are blessed to have the amazing life that you have. praying for you and your family as well as hoping the best for you all. i could be so lucky to have children as amazing and beautiful as you have! thanks for posting, thanks for blogging, and thanks for sharing your life with us all!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, I am dying. Lamp is so cute! I just love her propped up there in with the pillows. Adorable.

  9. Cool thoughts on blogging & LDS folks and blogging. Also, the real reason why I'm commenting... Lamp is so awesome! That smile is the best. She is such a cutie.