This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The Lifesavers

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Lifesavers

Our 2 lifesavers this past week have been the sling and the porch swing.  (And if I'm being totally honest, the other lifesaver would be my friend Tricia....but that's another post for another time...)  The sling has been our main means of getting Lampypooh to sleep and often this is done while swinging on the front porch swing.  While it's not ideal, it's not so bad either.  I made the sling back when Beanie was just a babe herself (pictured below).  

It was nice for an older baby, but I didn't use it a whole lot.  But I'm SO glad we've had it since Lamp pretty much lives in there these days.  Of course baby Lamp doesn't sit upright in the sling, but rather lays down in the pouch all snuggly safe.  Anywho, I've had a few people ask me about the sling, so I thought I'd post links to the directions again in case you want to make your own.  Here is a link to the pattern I used.   Here is a link to figure out the measurements you should use.  (And just in case you want to go back and read my original post and how I added the padded bottom edge and used 2 different colors of fabric, read here.)  

For the record I think this would make a great baby gift.  


  1. That sling would be perfect for a baby gift. Thanks for link.
    Also, this picture made me miss you and the good times we had in the south house.

  2. So glad you are finding ways to get Lampy to sleep! I thought of you often while I was on my marathon vacation and my babies reverted back to sleeping patterns that were, um, less desirable.

  3. Thanks for posting this Amy. I am going to try to make a for me and a few as baby gifts.