This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Another Gift

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Gift

I know it's hard to top the ipad, but this weekend I was blessed with another amazing gift.  I had 2 full nights of uninterrupted sleep.  Before you start cursing me and thinking I have an 8 week old that sleeps through the night you should know that it was my husband and not the baby who gave me this break.  Yes my wonderful husband took the night time feedings for me this weekend and gave me a much needed break, which was especially helpful since I have a slight head cold.  I got to sleep in the attic with the ac/fan running full blast so as to ensure I didn't hear a peep and could actually sleep.  (Since becoming a mom I'm a super light sleeper and wake at the smallest little peep, so the attic is the only way I could have really sleep soundly through the night.)   Oh bliss.  I'm so grateful that I have a husband who willingly does those kind of things.  Thanks Love.    

And I hope you enjoy the above photo of Beanie presenting Lamp with a drawing she made for her.  Unfortunately, Lamp wasn't in a great mood.  Either that or she has a strong aversion to purple stick figures...the jury's still out...   

Update:  And just in case that wasn't enough my baby did sleep her first 8.5 hour stretch last night.  Wowzers.  Don't be jeal.  (of course I probably just jinxed ourselves for the next month.)


  1. Lamp angry is darling. Honestly, every picture you post, I fall in love with that face. Beanie's darn cute too.

  2. I LOVE Bean's picture of Lamp, it makes me happy.

  3. hey migs! i've been out of the blogging world lately as we were without internet then just got a new computer, blah, blah so i'm just checking in and getting caught up. you're girls are so darling! beanie looks so grown up and i'm loving her soft curls in her hair, can i please have that hair? sorry to hear about the napping issues with lamp. atticus was like that, i was rocking and nursing 23 out of 24 hours a day it seemed. sometimes he'd fall asleep latched and so i just wouldn't move for 2 hours until he woke up. i used to put in DVD's before going to bed so that i could just hit play when i got up with him at night, i'd watch entire movies while rocking him back to sleep at night. so while i don't have great advice that you probably haven't tried i can commiserate. happiest baby on the block helped me with atticus and i read the baby whisperer answers all your problems in prep for beck. i've had more success with beck but i think he's also just naturally a better sleeper. i wish i could be more helpful, hang in there and remember that every day that passes is one day closer to sleeping through the night. good luck! and i hear you on the lonely mom post's tough...but worth it. i just have to remind myself that i'd be extra miserable if i had to say goodbye to my kids everyday and hand them over to someone else to raise while i was at work so i guess we take the good with the bad.

  4. You married a good man! I hope he gives you that gift a few more times in the next few weeks!

    Any news of where you might end up next?

  5. Now I understand why you said Lamp looks perfect just the way she is...that is how I felt when I looked at her. She is so precious! I like her angry little face.

  6. Agreed...she's perfectly precious!! Congrats on your great sleeper!!

  7. Oooh, 3 nights of good sleep....SWEET!

    Such a cute picture.