This Little Miggy Stayed Home: The Nursery

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Nursery

Well I hesitate to share these photo's because I wanted to wait until the nursery was totally, totally finished (still waiting to get the curtains, and some more art work hung up), but now that the little miss is here and we've got stuff strewn about I'm not sure it will look as nice when I finally get the last things together.  But of course, if I do get the nursery all together and looking nice, I'll post it on the blog.  Shoot, what won't I post on the blog?  

And I thought I might as well share the whole breakdown of the nursery budget while I'm at it.  Because 1) I'm sorta impressed with myself for putting this together for so little money and 2) well because I'd like you to be impressed with me too.  

Here are some before pics, back when it was my studio:  

painting over yellow walls...again.

the crib before:  

And After:  

The dresser slash changing station.  
This wall is still bare...will be adding a mirror, and some other pictures and perhaps a hook or two.  

One of my favorite finds, an already lavendar chair that was marked down to $2 at a local antique mall.

The crib, rocker and side table.
Hanging over the crib is an I Am a Child of God print (from Permission and Pink) and 2 of my dresses from when I was a baby.  Beanie wore the bottom dress when she was blessed.

And a shot of the it was the inspiration for the lavendar nursery after all.


Grey Paint:  $60 for 2 gallons
Shelves:  Already had
Canvas Baskets:  $8.00 each at The Container Store
Dresser:  $100.00 off of Craigslist, it's Pottery Barn (not my 1st choice, but it's quality and inexpensive)
Changing Pad:  about $20.00, from
Small Woven Baskets:  About $18.00 each from Target
Purple Chair:  $2.00
Mini Crib:  (I've gotten lots of questions from friends about our mini crib.  It's a much smaller size but still an actual crib.  It folds flat and makes for easy storage.  If you're living in a small apartment it's an option you may want to think about.)  
We had this crib from our 1 bedroom NYC apartment days, I painted it white for about $25.00 (4-5 cans spray paint)
Quilt:  already had.
Bedding:  Already had, dyed skirt purple with rit dye for about $4.00
Side table:  $20.00 Ikea
Lamp:  Already had
Rocking Chair:  It was $120.00, but when it came scratched they gave us a 50% discount, so in the end it was only $60.00.
Lambskin: $25.00 from Ikea
I Am a Child of God Print and Frame:  $24.00 from Permission and Pink + $20.00 from Target
Dresses:  Already had
 Wooden Hangers: 5 for $10.00 at the Container Store

Total:  $468.  

Not bad I say, especially considering the crib and dresser alone can cost more than that.  
I knew I'd be impressed with myself.  


  1. And I'm impressed with you too, Miggy! I really like the paint color, and the baby dresses. I don't know why you don't love that dresser - I think it's so cute.

  2. I'm very impressed! I love the room and you did awesome on the budget.

  3. sigh. want to come and re-do my whole apt?? please????? you have a gift and im trying really hard not to envy you for it right now. the nursery is gorgeous!!!

  4. Love it! Love the break down. Love the nursery. Love the bragging. love it all.

  5. I love a good before and after! Beautiful color palate {what's the wall color?} and I still think your rug is stunning.

  6. Amazing. It looks really cute, and you made grey look good! (I'm not a huge fan of grey, but our bathroom is grey and now I have ideas for how to spruce it up! Purple looks nice with it!)

    P.S. Did you get a pkg from Missouri by chance? ;)

  7. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Dear Miggy,

    A+ on that Interior Design! Great design concept and follow through to the finished project...(And this from a former Professor of Interior Design at the College level!) Love the soft gray (not too cool, just the right amount of warm) balanced with levels of white and popped with purple in two different hues. The water color and the print "I AM A CHILD of GOD" in block letters and bold colors add so much. The white dresses are a delicate and feminine touch with a nice nod to the past. The smashing quilt you made anchored by that great, hand painted rug and the sheepskin simply make the space. (And yes she made the quilt by hand and without the use of a sewing machine, I believe!) And the Eames rocking chair...pure, classic design! What a great space achieved by the skillful use of color, careful editing and a superb use of pattern and texture. The space is fresh yet timeless, current and sophisticated, while exuding a simple elegance that is serene, casual and comforting. What command of the Principals & Elements of Design!

    So glad you published the whole nursery... want to see another shot of the wall with the Print and the crib with all the aforementioned details. And then I think you should submit this to some shelter magazines... seriously! Surely Baby Lamp must feel like a lucky girl to have such a fabulous room!