This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Reasons to Visit Cincinnati

Friday, June 04, 2010

Reasons to Visit Cincinnati

When we lived in NYC we didn't have to persuade people to come visit us.  It's New York City.  Cincinnati....well that's a different story.  I wouldn't say people have a negative impression about Cincinnati, but rather they have no impression at all.  What's in Cincinnati?  Where is Cincinnati?   It's in that vast expanse of land between New York and California known as the Mid-West, or as those in the know say, the Mid-Best.  I was pretty clueless too, but Cincinnati has been a pleasant surprise.  In an effort to have more friends and family stop on over I've created a list of very cool things about Cincinnati.  

1.  Graeter's Ice Cream.  In some respects ice cream is just ice cream, but seriously...this is really good stuff.  They're best known for their 'chip' varities and black raspberry chip is their most popular, and my personal fav.  Graeter's has even been featured on a little TV show called Oprah.  Ever heard of it?  It's expensive stuff, but definitely worth the splurge every so often.  A half gallon will run you $13.00.  {I actually found Graeter's in Denver last summer, so check your local hoity-toity grocery store and you might get lucky.}  If you visit, I promise we'll have a half-gallon waiting in the freezer.  

2.  The Duke Energy Children's Museum.  This place opened in 1998 and has since consistently ranked in the top 10 children's museums in the US.  Additionally, this museum is linked with the Natural History museum and the Cincinnati history museum.  I think I went to this place over 10 times before I saw almost's huge {and half the cost of the Children's museum in Manhattan}.  This might only be fun if you have kids...but still.  Additionally one of my favorite parts about the museum is the building itself, the Union Terminal building.  It's an old train station that is a monument of art deco majesty.  Seriously, it's amazing.  Check it out here.    

3.  Parky's Farm.  I blogged about this place of my favorite spots to take Bean in the summer and fall.  I try to go almost every week.  Even if I didn't have a kid I'd like to just go and chill at this place.  Located in the middle of Winton woods the drive is as peaceful as the farm itself.  Once at the farm you can check out the animals, pet the goats, chase wandering chickens, play on the playground, water the garden and even pick food fresh off the vine and eat it in late summer/early fall.  For a small fee you can also play in the indoor structure and take a pony ride.

4.  Home of Charley Harper.  It seems like everyone is ga-ga for Charly Harper's stuff these days.  Well seeing as Cincinnati is Charley's hometown we see his art work everywhere....on random signs, all over the Cincinnati Zoo and Parky's water park...he's everywhere.  

5.  Pro Sports.  If that's your thang...Cincy is home of the Bengels and the Reds.  Although I'm not a huge sports buff that's got to mean something that we've got pro sports right?

6.  Northside.  One of my favorite neighborhoods in Cincy.  They have restaurants, shops, cafe's, thrift stores, a weekly farmer's market and more.  This is also the place where we can go to Happen, Inc. and make some pottery with Beanie for free.  The houses in this part of town are some of my very favorite as well...if we were going to live in Cincinnati long-term we would move to Northside.  

photo of Cincinnati from just across the river in Kentucky
7.  Kentucky.  Did you know Cincinnati boarders Kentucky?  Neither did I!  Haven't you always wondered what's in Kentucky?  I you can come and check that out as well and see what the big mystery is all about.  

That's definitely not everything about Cincinnati...we're still discovering cool things all the time.  Additionally, I have to say Cincinnati is quite pretty and the weather so far has been great.  We've been having 80 degree weather since the first week of feels like we've already had a long summer--I love it.  So that's my case for Cincinnati.  Anyone else have any places/cool things to add?  

And if we're friends, please consider this your formal invitation to visit us.    



  1. My sister lives in Cincinnati, and I would add to the list:

    Kings Island
    That place that makes chili that is sweet and has cinnamon in it.
    The park that the walking/bike bath along the river. (Yes, I know I am not being very specific.)

    (I'm Alissa friend, I hate when people comment I don't know how they found my blog.)

  2. I once ate at a TGIFridays that was floating on the river overlooking the Cincinnati skyline and I thought that was pretty cool. It's beautiful!

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  4. We also love Jungle Jim's, the Purple People Bridge, Dewey's Pizza, the bike trail at Miami Whitewater (we really enjoy all the Hamilton County parks we've been to), Gyros in Clifton... It's a fun place to be!

  5. We have Graeter's every time we go to Cincinnati to visit my sister! It is fantastic...and that is the best flavor! We'll have to meet there next time we're in Cincy.

  6. you talked me into it! (ice cream always works.....)

  7. You're making me homesick already!! :( Less than a week of being gone and I miss Cincy so much! I'd have to add:

    Mt. Airy (especially the arboretum)

    Miami Whitewater (especially the 7 mile bike trail)

    Hometown Pizza (actually located in Kentucky, but we always went there whenever we visted the Temple)

    Riverview 360 Revolving Restaurant (also in Kentucky, but just across the river)

    Tons of little ice cream drive-ins: Buster's Creamy Whip, Putz' Creamy Whip, Keller's Cone Zone...

    There's more, but I'll stop there for now. Thanks for the great post, Miggy!

  8. Reason #1: YOU! I haven't given up yet on making this work.

  9. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Those reasons all sound great too, but we'd be happy just to come see you guys so we don't need much convincing :) Ideally I'd like to say that maybe I can just come with the baby sometime, but knowing how Brandon is about me going places without him, I don't think that's going to happen! Remember how hard it was for me just to get to NY (hard to convince Brandon is what I mean)? 7 weeks left yay!

  10. Janice--welcome. But I sorta can't believe you're talking about Skyline chili. You're right that is VERY Cincinnati, but usually only locals like it. I still don't like the stuff, but more power to you! And yes Kings Island is great.


    Rachel--OK so between you and Rachel M. we need to go check out that bike trail. Thanks for the info. And definitely yes to Jungle Jim's as well...

    Katty--WHAT? Your sister lives here??? Yes next time you come you better get in touch with me. That would be SO fun to see you.

    Andrea--For you, I'll have 2-3 gallons in the fridge. yay!

    Deb and Crombie--Yes, us. Best reason eva. So I hope you're both able to make it work sometime this year. Crombie as I recall Brandon really heard lots of cool stuff about Cincinnati, so maybe we can talk him into it...I pretty much put the pro sports thing on there for my family...

  11. Oh man. Covington KY is one of my favorite little cities - right over the border.

  12. Yes, Skyline Chili. I didn't really like it but it is very Cincinnati and I am I tried it when I was there.