Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reality Double Check

now I really need this poster....

Did you read my last post?  


Welp looks like I don't need to worry how to spend the next 5 weeks anymore.  After a trip to the Dr. yesterday once again things turned upside down.  In a pregnancy that has been anything but normal from the very beginning, I guess we shouldn't be that surprised.  Yesterday during our bio-physical exam we were told that instead of the normal 8 point score the baby should have--based on things like movement, amniotic fluid levels, etc--she had 0 points.  Now I'm no Dr. sounds a little low.  We were immediately sent to the hospital with the news that you could be delivering today.  Excuse me? Doctor say what?  5 weeks early...this is not what we planned.  Hahaha...what we planned....that's funny right?  I sorta expected to deliver early with Lamp.  {When you have a baby with birth defects you automatically have a higher chance of going into premature labor}.  So I was prepared for early, just not this early.  Luckily we didn't deliver yesterday, but I'm blogging at you live from the hospital and most likely we'll be delivering Lamp within a few days. Don't get me wrong I'm still really excited to meet this little stinker angel, I just wasn't prepared to do it so soon.   
Now I know a lot you said to relax and take it easy, but there were still just really basic things to get buying a car seat. {I love that my grandma said, "Oh, do you have to have one of those just to get the baby home?  Can't you take her home with out one?" Oh Grams!  I guess it's been a few years...}  And other things that I really wanted done like just a basic clean house, freezer meals, a good stock supply of food from the grocery store and yes organized closets!  And while the nursery isn't 100% done, it is mostly done so I'm very, very grateful for that.  

I think the other thing I'm most sad about is not getting to really relish my last weeks of one on one time with Beanie.  I was going to plan some special outings for just the two of us.  She's really been my little partner in crime these past few years and I think I'm going to miss our little duo.

Also, I'll be getting a c-section.  She's breech and that's that.  While I have mixed feelings, for the most part I feel fine about it.  It's totally out of my hands and I have a few days to prepare...but any advice from the c-section moms out there?  Perhaps a weird question, but do you still bleed down there?  I'd especially like to hear from any moms who've had both c-section and natural--what was the biggest difference? 

Finally...I'd like to thank you for all the many, many prayers.  Please know we've felt them.  Really.  And please feel free to keep praying for us.  Really.  We are and continue to be so grateful for your help.    

Oh baby Lamp, what are you doing to us?     
 I guess this is me letting go...



  1. Wow, so much to take in. That bites you had to go straight to the hospital. Tell the hubs to hire a reliable girl to clean your house for you. At least that would take one thing off your list and neither of you has to worry about it.

    Hang in there girl. I had such a hard time before I delivered feeling like I was losing my relationship with Michael. It will all work out. The good thing is the baby and Beanie are at different stages, so you'll be able to still do unique things with her that you don't do with the baby and vice versa.

    Good luck with the c-section, I don't envy you!.

  2. Hi. Random connection. Chelsea blogged about you once, and I started to read then just so I could hear about this sweet baby.

    She is a sweetheart!

    Even more random. I know Chelsea, but not really THAT well. Her sister is married to my cousin, who I also don't know THAT well because divorce.

    Blah blah blah.

    This is about you.

    Thinking about you and sending prayers from Texas.

    I never had a c-section, but I'm sure you will still bleed, because your body has to get rid of all the extra stuff even after they sew you up.

    If I was close I would bring you a smoothie. Can someone get you one? They are always what a bring mommmies in the hospital.

    Love you! Good luck!


  3. I had a c-section for breech as well. Unfortunately, you still bleed the same. Most of the blood is from within the uterus, not the birth process, so it's pretty much all the same. Lame-o.

    A few of my tips and tricks: try and walk a lot once you're feeling up to it. It will help with the recovery. (And "a lot" means a few laps around the post-partum ward. No marathons or anything).

    The rule of not carrying anything heavier than the baby is sound. I could always tell when I overdid it, and then I paid for it.

    Be liberal with your pain meds the first few days. No need playing the hero, only to regret it later.

    The bonus is that you have a little more warning; slightly more control. And no tearing! You'll rock it.

    prayers and love to you.

  4. Aaahhh! But you can do it! I don't have much advice other than don't worry about the time with Beanie (I remember sobbing on my little boy's bed after he fell asleep the night before I went in to have my second...silly hormones) and after telling my mom about this, I believe her response was something like "He's not going anywhere!" Plus, I find I value my time with both, either separate or together a lot more.

    I don't believe I've commented on your blog since you've found out about Baby Lamp, but I admire you and your family so very much and if there's any one who can do this, it's you. So count my prayers in and go get 'em, tiger!

  5. After your text, I couldn't stop thinking about you. I'm glad that things are stable for the moment. I sure love you lots.

    As far as letting go, I'm a mix of both. Actually, I'm probably more on the anal side. It is just what I have to have done BEFORE I can let go. So maybe that's not letting go at all, but it's just how I roll.

    Since I've had 3 c-sections, and having been through labor with 2 of them, I can say that it's not so bad. It was actually more nerve-wracking with Clark, having it planned and knowing I was going under surgery. I LOVED my 4-day stays in the hospital. They are such cherished days. I milk it for all it's worth. Take it easy those few days, but get up and walking as soon as you can. And DON'T SKIMP on the pain meds. That is my biggest piece of advice. It is hard, and you start feeling like a drug addict, but plan on taking them around the clock for one solid week. And yes, you still bleed down there for a few weeks.

  6. Anonymous7:46 PM

    It will go against all instincts but stand as soon as possible hoble down to the NICU (stand behind a wheel chair.) it cuts recovery time in have and you will have a better time healing and a nicer scar with verticle blood flow. If you laugh or cough you will think you are going to won't unless you go crazy.

    The NICU nurses know your child the best and will help you much more than any doctor. Observe small changes in your will be the best one to advise the status of your kid...your the mom., not the nurses.

    COURAGE lady, Courage. Sending endurance and clarity..and above all faith.

    Love the Kimballs

  7. hey i just left you a voicemail recommending that you ask your doc about a body compression suit. i used one after beckett even though i didn't have a c-section and it helped to support and hold my abdomen organs in place which seemed to help my healing process go quicker. i've heard this is extra helpful when you've had a c-section, helps hold the stitches in place, etc. although you can't start wearing it until they've already started to heal. ask your doc if you're interested.

    i also asked my sis-in-law for advice since she's had 4 c-sections. you've already been told this but she said to take the pain meds round the clock for about ten days. it speeds the healing process. she didn't for the first two and her recovery was much longer and obviously much more painful. she used the meds for the last two and she healed much more quickly because her body could put it's energy towards healing instead of pain management.

    and i hear you on wanting those last moments the #1. i felt that way too, pain in my heart leaving atticus to go have beck. but so happy to say that atticus and i still have plenty of precious moments and bringing beck into the mix has just increased the love overall.

    i've been meaning to e-mail you back - it would be great if you ended up in boston for the children's hospital. #1 in the country. my ward housed many families who would come to boston for months at a time just for that hospital. i'd say request boston if you can. plus you'll love it. it's a magical city. wish i were there to share the experience with you and help you out! i also think often of how fun it was when you came to boston, so glad we had those mommy days together!

    well, i'm sad you have to do the c-section and that it's much earlier then planned, but so happy for you that your sweet girl is about to arrive. good luck and hang in there. we'll be praying for you and thinking of you and following the blog!

  8. Wow...thanks you guys for all the comments and moral support. It helps being here in the hospital to have comments to read and to feel the love and support.

    Thanks for c-section advice...I really appreciate that since I wouldn't know what to do. And it sounds like so many of you echoed the same things so I'll remember to walk around a lot, ask about a compression band, and take plenty of pain meds...oh and not lift heavy things. I'm all about following Dr's orders, so I'll definitely try to stick to this.

    Thanks again for the love and I'll keep ya'll posted.


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  10. Wow, good luck! My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope you recover quickly. I mourned that "only child" time that came to a close as well. There's nothing quite like that undivided attention. But I love the nurturing that comes from a big sister.

    I personally didn't have a c-section but my sister did and she was surprised to discover quite a bit of swelling in the "area" post-partum. I wrongly assumed it was from pushing but maybe it's hormonal. Then again, if you're numb from an epidural or not walking around, you may never even notice.

    If you haven't already, try to get one last belly shot for your remembrance!

    Praying for baby lamp!

  11. I had 3 c-sections, 2 of those with labor. I thought the last was super easy and I healed up more quickly than my friend who gave birth naturally. (my tummy went down faster too!) Just take it easy and make sure you are comfortable! Good luck with the delivery and let us know if you need any help.

  12. Holy Cow! Good luck with everything. I'll be thinking of you. I have a feeling that little Lamp is going to bring you so much joy! I remember right before PK was born, I got real sad about not having it be just the two of us anymore. It wound up working out really well in the end though:). It will be such a cool experience for you to see Beanie as a big sister. It's so amazing how your love grows with your growing family. I wish I could give some c-section advice. I bet you'll do awesome!

  13. A little c-section tip from a total stranger...make sure you pee as SOON as you feel like you have to. Maybe this was just me, but my worst pain after my c-section came when I had a full bladder. Have no idea why. Anyway, best of luck. Looks like you have lots of support!

  14. I second the advice to pee often. A full bladder is painful post c-section. On a similar (unpleasant note) it's very common to have serious constipation after a c-section. Definitely take the stool softeners they offer and if you need to ask for milk of magnesia and warm ginger ale.

    I'll be praying for you.

  15. I actually have a compression band if you need one. . . And if you want someone to come clean your house so you have one less thing to worry about, let me know!
    Good luck!

  16. Good luck, Miggy! I've had two C-sections and two totally different experiences with each one (the first was emergency, second was scheduled). The scheduled one was much more relaxed compared to the first - the doctor and nurses in the room were just joking and making small talk while the anesthesiologist numbed me up. With recovery, echoing what others have said, take your pain meds until you are out, take stool softeners every time you take your pain meds and let other people do everything for you. It's frustrating to have to wait for your body to recover but if you don't let it recover on its own time, it won't be happy with you. C-section isn't really so bad (although I've never had a baby the other way so I can't compare the two). You're in our prayers.

  17. I'm so sorry you have to be in the hospital right now! What a frustration. I hope that all will work out well for you in your delivery and the upcoming days. I wish I could be there to help you out in some way. I miss you and your family. I hope we can stay in touch. Hope you know I'm thinking about you and praying for you!

    As a nurse who has worked with a lot of post-op patients, I'd recommend you get out of bed asap after you deliver c/sec and walk. And don't be afraid to take pain meds because if you're in too much pain, you won't be active enough and then you'll run into more problems. All my sisters had c/sec and two of them were able to have vbacs. I hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible!

  18. Don't know if you remember me from the BYU but I've been loving your blog for the past bit. I had to contribute my two cents! I've yet to have a baby myself but have delivered a decent number and I always tell my moms that ibuprofen is the key! Most people need the narcotics as well for the first bit after a c/s but, even when you are starting to feel like you don't need much in the way of pain meds, keep going with the ibuprofen on a schedule until you are really out of the woods. The anti-inflammatory effects are what really helps a ton with the post-op pain.

    Good luck!

  19. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I have had 1 c-section and am awaiting my second. I strongly second the pee advice. The pressure of a full bladder is sneaky. You don't notice the pain till you stand up and then it kind of takes your breath away. Go often. Walk also. It does help. Lastly, during the surgery they may have to actually push/squeeze the baby out. Don't freak if you all of a sudden can't catch your breath for a moment because someone is pressing hard on your stomach. You can't feel the pressure, you just can't inhale. (I kind of panicked.) It doesn't last long. Good luck.

  20. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Since you haven't had the baby yet my midwife would probably recommend laying an ironing board diagonally down off of your couch and laying yourself head down to get that baby to turn! if you're aloud to move this much.

    Worked for me so I ended up having a vbac with my 3rd child (2nd was a c-section)

    Hardest part in the recovery (I didn't read all of your other helpful hints) was getting in and out of bed for me. Get your husband or your mamma there for at least a week you can get a lot of rest. But do make sure you walk around as much as possible it will help in your recovery (even though you will feel like hell for a while) AND if you're able to breast feed a boppy will be your best friend with a c- section.

    good luck- I wish I was closer to help out or bring you meals.

  21. I wish I wasn't so behind on my google reader! I still want to add my 2 cents, since I had Adeline naturally and then Penelope was breech so I had a C-section. The recovery was much faster with Penelope, but probably because I was up and around so fast since I didn't have a choice. You do still bleed, but not nearly as much as with a vaginal birth and it's so nice to not have the whole going to the bathroom ordeal afterward.

    The hardest thing was I wasn't alert enough to hold her right after she was born - I was on a morphine spinal tap and just out of it. I also remember being so frustrated I couldn't eat solid food afterward - you're on a liquid diet for a couple of days and I was so hungry and just wanted a burger! Eat a big delicious meal RIGHT NOW to hold you over :)

    Good luck! Wish I was there to make you frozen meals and bring you books!

  22. Anonymous1:22 PM

    This is a bit of advice for after a c-section: Be sure to buy a bunch of BIG brief underwear (aka granny panties!) and have them washed and ready to go. Believe me, you don't want the top of your underwear to come anywhere near your scar for a while!!!