Friday, June 18, 2010

Reality Check

The reality that we're going to have a new baby soon is setting in fast.  I'm excited, but nervous.  And at this point, nervous probably outweighs the excitement just a little.  I'm glad the nursery is almost finished, but I feel like I still have a million things I want to get done.  I want every closet reorganized and I want every room, closet, cupboard, shelf, nook and cranny sparkling clean.  I have about 5 sewing projects and a couple oil paintings to finish... The checklist goes on and on.  BUT I also want to relax and take it easy.  I want to watch copious amounts of TV and chill on the couch.  I want to read a book or two and munch on bon bons.  I want to make and eat delicious meals.  I want to enjoy these last weeks of my one on one time with Beanie.  I'm excited for our family to grow, but I'm a little sad to see my time with just one coming to an end.  So as you can see there's a lot I want to do...and a lot I want not to do.

SO here's my question to you other mama's...when you've had a new baby what are some things you wish you would have done before the arrival?  Do you wish you would have utilized your time more wisely and gotten a lot of things done, or do you wish you just took it easy, relaxed and enjoyed the calm before the storm?  Is there something specific you treated yourself to?  Something you wish you would have treated yourself to?  

Also, I need some new summer tunes, so if everyone could tell me just one song I need to download for summer I'd appreciate it.  


  1. SLEEP! I say just relax and read a good book.

  2. Rest. Read your daughter books. Does it really matter if your closets are organized? Not to your children. I wish I had just played, rested and lived in the moment more, rather than living a to-do list.

    You'll do great!

  3. janelle monae....tightrope. the dancing in the video is awesome and the beat is summery.

  4. Definitely sleep and spend time with Beanie.
    You are so savvy about music, you probably have already heard every song I could suggest, but I love "Summer Parade" by Brookville and "My Love" and "Again and Again" by The Bird and the Bee.
    Dang, that's three.

  5. i don't know anything about bein' a momma quite yet, but i do know that this tune will blow you away.


    'home' by edward sharpe + the magnetic zeroes -

  6. totally relate to those feelings of sadness that it's not going to be just beanie anymore. I had those same feelings. I say YES enjoy your time with Beanie. Her world is about to get turned upside down. Rest, create, read, whatever is enjoyable and relaxing.

    A newly re-discoved old favorite, perfect for the summertime: (I have been into recycling oldies lately...can't seem to keep up with the new music nowadays anyway)

    Brand New Key - Melanie

  7. I bet that the Bean will like "Shark in the Water":) Graham sings it constantly:)
    I am glad that I got all of the little clothes organized so that I can find things fast! I had all the time in the world to dress Graham, but Audrey gets it on the fly! Also, I packed diaper bags to keep in my car, the living room, and to carry around (with nursing covers, spare clothes for both kids, dipes, etc.). It seems to help:)
    i bet your closets are already perfect! Eat the bon-bons! xoxo


    there is a link for you to check it out. love her -- totally 60's. And I was thinking about it --- it's totally appropriate because you are having another girl!

    The actual song if you bought/downloaded it is slightly different than the live version on youtube... as it usually is...

    have fun!

  9. Kelly3:14 PM

    Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti & Spearhead

  10. "I am not a Robot" by Maria and the Diamonds <3

  11. anything from high violet (matches your nursery) by the national. it's so so good.

    just found your blog through say yes... it's wonderful. i'm excited to read on.

  12. Thanks you guys for all the great advice and songs. I'll have a whopper of an update for ya'll in a couple days.

  13. Dinah Washington: Relax Max

    Miggy, even with your trials and tribs., I so wish I was waiting for a new baby. Don't do ANYTHING just be. I can barely grasp what that is and it's been 5 years. Swift it painfully fleeting.

    Just sit there with your hands on your belly and try to memorize the you can recall it five years later...and 10 and...

  14. Rest more. Blog/document more. Play more.

    Set aside one day to clean (because it is nice to feel ready for baby) but then call it good and put your feet up!

    I recommend Depeche Mode. But that's just me.

  15. Myriad Harbour by The New Pornographers. Not new, but a catchy little tune about The City...

    I can't really speak after having only one, but prior to Ella's birth my mother-in-law came and organized all my closets. Best present ever. So if anyone owes you, nows the time to take them up on it.

    I just thought of another; maybe it wil inspire you. Summer Wasting by Belle and Sebastian.

  16. song choice?
    the best of times-styx. not new but i just love styx. old music thrills my old heart.
    good luck!!!

  17. I agree with anna. Spend time with the first and don't clean, that really is the least on the list. I wish I could've finished all my projects, because I basically have done nothing since I had the second.