Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bed Rest Report

I know I've been a little MIA...which is ironic considering I have plenty of time on my hands these days.  I've actually started 3 different posts in the past couple of days but they've been pretty bleh...

But here are some thoughts/updates....

First, bed rest.  I get it now.  I now know why people hate bed rest.  Deep down I always thought, Oh, but I'd really like bed rest.  Someone telling me I HAVE to relax in bed all day.  Watch movies, read books....what's not to love?  Laying around in bed all day makes you tired.  More tired than normal.  Plus it's hard to get comfy.  Plus it's boring.  So yeah, do not be deceived...bed rest = lame.  {I know this is almost exactly what I said in the hospital... apparently bed rest also causes an annoying repetition of uninteresting thoughts}.  

One great thing about coming home is the extra time I've had to spend with Beanie.  She has been the perfect medicine and pick me up during this time.  We've had some wonderful time together that I'm really, really grateful for.  I can't clean, I can't organize closets, but I can spend time with her...and she's old enough to understand that mom needs to stay in bed, so she'll just bring her toys and hang out in bed with me.   

Speaking of cleaning...a group of people from our ward came over today and cleaned my house for me.  Others have taken Beanie over to their house to play with their kids while I rest.  Still other people have sent emails, gifts, love and prayers.  Many, many moments of feeling like I'm having my hair brushed.  I have come away with a greater appreciation of service and not just the service itself--like a clean house--but the feeling that service brings.  I feel loved and watched over and cared for.      


  1. i love the brushed hair analogy. we're sending love and prayers your way too!

  2. I'm so glad you supplied that link to the previous post because I had missed it the first time and it was a gem. Pitch-perfect.

    My mother has just completed a year of aggressive chemo that kept her flat out most of the time. The saving grace was the library books I requested for her online (long-distance) and my father retrieved every week. Could someone perhaps do something similar for you?

  3. Believe me when I say that I would give anything to brush your shiney dark glossy smooth silky locks. I miss them anyway.

  4. Thanks for the update. Been thinking about you. And have no doubt that P is keeping you amused. She's such a vibrant little gem.

  5. So you've totally shattered two of my secret dreams: bedrest and hospital life. I always knew it was a bad day when I envied the patients in the hospital {most often the OB patients on bedrest} and would have traded places with service, naps, chillin' with a good book or movie. It's not as good as it appears??? And then, when I was pregnant during my PICU rotation I was desperately hoping to be put on bed rest. Guess I'll have to aspire to something new.

    But seriously, hope you're hanging in there.

  6. I know I think we only met breifly at your wedding... but know that you and the family are always in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love from Utah!

  7. Katie, CL--Thank you ladies.

    Reagan--I would give just about anything to have you in charge of my hair again.

    Carrie--thank you. We'll have to get together sometime after this baby comes...Josie's such a sweetie and I'm sure her and Bean would have fun together.

    Alissa--Well, actually someone as busy as you might enjoy bedrest. Maybe...I wouldn't let me opinion totally shatter your dreams.

    Heather--Thanks too. I love that I married into a big extended family and even if I don't know ALL of B's cousins it's nice to know you guys have our backs. :) I always appreciate hearing from you.

  8. Thinking of you my friend. You and your precious family are in our prayers now more than ever.

    May you feel extra close to the Savior right now.

    so much love,