This Little Miggy Stayed Home: We're Back

Monday, May 03, 2010

We're Back

We had a great time this weekend on our lil' family road trip.  I'll have some more pics of our weekend adventures soon.  Any guesses as to where we went?  


  1. The Bean! One of my favorite places.

  2. Chicago? I will be REALLY jealous if you saw Heather and Chris!

  3. My town! Please tell me you had an ann sather cinnamon roll for me.

  4. Chicago, right!? What a fun place to go! We went there a couple years ago and loved it.

  5. Good job everyone. Not that hard I guess...

    Terese...No! We only had 2 full days there, but shoot! I'd love to see that cute baby girl of theirs...

    Kage--grrr...see that's the kind of recommendation we could have no, we didn't have an Ann Sather Cinnamon roll. Next time.