Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project Mode

With the Lamp's impending arrival I've jumped head first into project mode.  With Beanie I didn't have a nursery to decorate...I had a 3 foot stretch of wall in which to place a mini-crib.  So now we're moving the studio up to the attic and making an official nursery for Lamp.  At first I was sad to let go of my studio, but now I'm really excited.  The attic will be a studio/play room and the nursery will be an actual nursery.  So I'm trying to finish up some a long list of projects before we make the big move. One thing I finally finished today is Beanie's quilt for her big girl bed.  Remember that old thing?  After my 'crib confessional' I don't think we're going to worry about the actual big girl bed for a while, but at least the quilt is done.



{As you can see, one reason I have a hard time decorating is that I hate limiting myself to a color palette.  I just want any and all colors to work at any given time, in any given space.  Especially for Beanie's room...I just think a kids room should be colorful.  Anywho...}  

Next on the list:
1.  Paint mini-crib
2.  Paint desk
3.  Paint nursery {I'm planning a purple nursery...I'm kinda excited. Ok, so maybe I can do a color scheme...maybe.}

It feels good to be productive.  I know I when the baby comes I'll be headed for a period of non-productivity... and I'm cool with that.  


  1. I love Beanie's quilt. By the way, the end of easy going to bed time pretty much coincided with moving to a big girl bed for Josie. And, I totally understand that need to finish projects. I felt the same way prior to this baby number 3 and still have issues with the non productive time. But I have to remember that just being a mom is productive. I'm producing wonderful little people! Take care :)

  2. I love the quilt - it reminds me of one of your paintings!

  3. The. Quilt. Looks. So. Good! I love it, love it, love it. I was in hyper drive before Soren and now, not so much.

  4. Juli--So true...I too have to remember that just being a mom is enough.

    Britty--Thanks...that makes me happy you think that.

    Mo--And thank you--considering you tackled the Denise Schmidt quilt 'o awesomeness and intimidation I appreciate that. {ps--do you guys still live in Chicago? If so I'm going to kick myself that I didn't think to get a hold of you while we were in town...that would be friend #2 we forgot lived in Chicago.}

    Care--and thanks too...

  5. It looks fantastic!

  6. Holy Cow, that quilt would have taken me forever! That looks amazing. How did you do it?!

  7. wow, that quilt is kind of fantastic!

  8. i LOVE her quilt. LOVE!

  9. What a gorgeous quilt!