This Little Miggy Stayed Home: More Prego Pics

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Prego Pics

Just a couple more pics I liked from our photo session.
I guess I don't really like looking at the camera.


  1. You look awesome, and I'm not just saying that. I hate pregnancy photos and have about five from my first pregnancy, and one from my second. Pregnancy just doesn't set well with me like it does for you.

  2. Amy I've never seen you with such long hair...i love it! You look fantastic...really. I looked awful when I was pregnant with Julius...i had fat face. I hardly took any pics...

  3. Cute! I was just gonna comment on how cute your hair was too. You and Beanie look straight out of a magazine.

  4. There is nothing lovelier than a pregnant lady :) You and Beanie are adorable! Like the previous comment stated, you really could be in a magazine.

  5. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Dear Baby Girl,

    You look amazingly beautiful! Oh you beautiful girl! Both of you are beautiful girls, and another one on the way! Aren't we all lucky?

    And yes, your hair looks really great too! These are amazing pictures! (One would make a lovely b-day gift or Christmas gift! Hint) B did a GREAT job!

    All my love,

  6. Aw thanks you guys. I have to say not looking great while Prego is exactly why I don't like straight on face shots...just not flattering. Total chubby face.

    Katty--I know! This is the longest my hair has ever's kinda nuts, but I really like it. And I was so excited/sad to see all your NY and Connecticut's funny how you went to so many of my favorite places! I miss it there....but you look great and congrats on baby number 2 as well!

  7. You are gorgeous, woman! I love seeing you pregnant.

  8. You really do look great pregnant. The only place that you have grown is in your belly! And great job on the sewing projects. It's inspiring. Maybe I'll try to bust out a couple of baby bloomers too.

  9. You look adorable amy. really. so cute pregnant and I think your hair looks so cute on you.