Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Told You...

...Beanie would be wearing versions of this recycled shirt dress all summer long.  


  Not long enough to be a dress, but long enough for a cute shirt.  
Modifying the pattern to make it sleeveless was easier than I thought.  

Dress #2...I planned on making it shorter, but when she tried it on she insisted that I keep it long.  It's much more Princess-y this way.  I didn't love it long at first, but now I like it.  
{Since I planned on hemming it, the bottom is a little uneven...who cares right?}  

Sitting for one pretty pose and...  

now it's time to dance.  


  1. Nice work, M!

    Bean is SO BIG! Holy cow.

  2. so cute! i need to learn how to sew, darnit! also, i covet your white couch. a lot.

  3. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Oh if my kids were only so lucky to have a mom who could sew cute things like that! (or sew anything for that matter!) I love it...what a lucky little princess :)

  4. I miss her! Your house looks so cute in the background by the way.

  5. darling! i am seriously so impressed with all your creations!!

  6. Az--I know--she's huge right? That's what I always think when I see your boys too...crazy.

    Care--I think you would love sewing...and thanks about the couch... if you come and visit I'll totally let you sleep on it. kiddin'.

    Crombie--if my brother has some shirts your just dying to get rid of send 'em my way and I'll make a dress for Nit and Boo.

    Berli and Erin--thanks lovely ladies!

  7. i think i am in love. can i call you mom and you make me fun things like that?

  8. They are both lovely. I especially love the blue dress. It is so lovely.