Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun-Time Dad

If I had a super fun dad, who dressed me up as a woodland fairy...

complete with a leaf crown, a leaf bracelet, a leaf belt.. 

even a leaf necklace with a purple flower and my very favorite...

giant leaf earrings!!...

I'd be asking my mom when is dad coming home? about 100 times a day too.  


  1. Love this. Why do dad's have to work again? Your daughter has perfect skin! I can tell she's going to be tall and slender.

  2. Me too! So cute. I love her hair. It's getting so thick and curly.

  3. Wow. What a nice, patient Daddy. I'm sure she was in heaven.

    And, I had a feeling the John Frieda Secret Weapon may not have gone over so well...bummer. You're right tho, not everyone's hair is the same. Love ya!

  4. man. that's one cool dad beanie has. lucky. my word verification is gling. i think that's a verb.

  5. I think dads are the best because their fun time is more concentrated. That must be it.

    A few posts ago I saw Beanie sitting at her chalkboard-top table...I'm thinking of chalkboard painting the tabletop of a CL-find and I'm wondering how yours has held up. Does Beanie like it? Does she use the chalk feature often?