Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Sewing Bible

Another new book, a splurge if you will.  The Sewing Bible.  Please a moment of reverence.  

Since I'm a self taught sewer who picked up little tid-bits of sewing knowledge here and there, this book is fantastic.  It covers the basics, like proper pressing of clothes {which is different than ironing!}, basic hand stitches and even sewing/fabric terminology.  It also covers more advanced sewing like pleating and gobs of embellishment techniques.  There are plenty of step by step photographs and easy to understand instructions.  And it also comes with a bunch of neat-o projects to tackle.  It was a lot thicker than I expected--think text book.  So while I haven't actually started any projects yet, it's been a treat to visually devour.  I know this book will be my go-to sewing companion for years to come.  Do yourself a favor and get one here.



  1. As a sewer who got a C in her college sewing class, I'm definitely in need of reference books. I loved this old school one from 1976 (the 81 version is good too. But don't get any newer ones--no good). And at $2.31 on amazon, it's a steal.

    I'll have to check this one out. Can't have too many resources.

  2. One of my goals before I die is to become an excellent sewer like my mom and grandma and great-grandma were. This post will come in handy when I actually get my act together and start doing something about this goal instead of just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing!