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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Maternity Wear

Yesterday marked the first official day of wearing maternity pants.   To be honest, I've kinda been dreading it.  When I was pregnant the first time, maternity clothes seemed really exciting.  But now I know what I'm in for.  The same 5 outfits for the next 6 months.  I mean I can still get into my regular jeans but they're starting to get uncomfortable {should I try a bella band?}.  And really, it just looks like I'm trying to stuff my gut into ill fitting pants and I'd rather it just be obvious that yes, I'm pregnant.  So it's all about comfort.  Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the giant front panel that goes clear over the belly, practically allowing one to tuck their bra in.  Comfy, but sorta ugly.  So any cute prego looks out there?  No one really wants to drop a wad of cash on cute maternity clothes, but you don't want to look frumpy either.  What are your secrets to keeping your style interesting when you're in a delicate state?

And just for the record 1) Yes I'm very grateful to be pregnant so please don't take this as being flippant about the whole thing, 2) Yes I did see Design Mom's recent post on maternity wear--good tips and 3) If I could get a hold of the actual pattern above I probably would try to make that shirt.  


  1. I loved the bella band. I bought one great splurge when I was pregnant and then tried to buy the rest on the cheap. Liz Lange's digs {75% off at Target} did me well. Congrats!

  2. When I was pregnant with my first (10 years ago!), prego clothes weren't very flattering. They were still very tent-ish! By my 3rd pregnancy (6 years ago), styles had slimmed down considerably. Now, you lucky prego ladies look like models in the sleek baby-bump-hugging fashions! I'm truly jealous I'm not enjoying the clothes now :) I'm sure whatever you wear will be great!

    Also, Alissa's correct about Liz Lange @ Target - the prices and styles are the BEST!

  3. The Bella Band works, but I feel like I'm always tugging at it and re-adjusting it. It bugs me. I prefer to wear dresses with boots and a sweater, just to avoid the feeling of anything tight around my belly.

    I've always thought that Gap Maternity had the best fit-- snug in all the right places, loose where I needed it. Every other brand always felt cheap and HUGE.

  4. I found that I'm always tugging at or re-adjusting the Bella Band, too. I think it works best when you're just barely starting to bulge. Otherwise, it just bugs.

    I bet with your skills you could take some mens' shirts and re-size them to make some really cute maternity wear.

  5. Thanks for the Bella Band advice. I don't want anything to tug... annoying.

    And yes I do like the liz Lang stuff....I guess right now I feel like I should just use the stuff I had when I had beanie--since she was a winter baby. When summer comes I'll probably get some cute dresses, etc. I think I'll be altering the jeans so they're slimmer in the legs.

    Adrie--YES--I know, we're pretty lucky. It used to be all tent-ish stuff or nothing.

    MS--I'll have to try the gap.

    Allison--yeah I might be doing some refashioning.

  6. The last time I was pregnant, I looked on ebay and bought a few things off there. It's used but sometimes you get some really cute stuff for a good price. Good luck! You always look good so I doubt you'll have much of a problem figuring out your cute pregnant style.

  7. I wear black yoga pants almost everyday, and leggings under my dresses for the winter:) The yoga pants with a roll-over band become full-panel really easlily. I am coming up to month 8 now, so this has lasted me the duration, and I figure I will go to dresses when the weather gets a little better:)
    I get to the point where I can't haul anything stiff on (like jeans or trousers:). I am just not coordinated enough, I guess:)

  8. I agree with everyone, Target has some of the best deal available for clothing. But don't sleep on Old Navy and H&M (note not all H&Ms have maternity). You will get tired of those 6 outfits and want some other options.
    Noppies brand offers a great pant that women in Europe die over. Its super comfortable and stretchy and can be worn from month 1 through the entire pregnancy and after (when you are trying to get back into shape). A little on the pricey side, but worth it in the long run.

  9. Thanks for the good maternity outfit tips... I'm in the exact same boat. In fact, I really should make today the LAST day that I squish into my normal skinny jeans. It's just getting scary.

  10. What? You had the cutest maternity clothes on round one. I liked the bella band myself for that "too big for your regular jeans" phase, during and after pregnancy. I also used it to hold up the maternity jeans when they were too big. The second time around I found a great pair of jeans at a resale children's/maternity store and I wore them most days of the week. Those and two simple gap dresses.

  11. There are a few cute mat. dresses on Shabby Apple. Also, definitely try a bella band. I could wear one until about 6+ months. Now I am T minus 7 weeks, and hating everything. If you are into plain t's (which you could jazz up with your sewing skills) order larger sizes from Downeast Basics online too. They are stretchy but not uncomfy.

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