This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Late Resolutions

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Late Resolutions

Back in January when everyone was in the resolution mode, I just wasn't feeling it.  Personally I've never found January 1st to be an especially great time for goal making.  I like to set goals as they become applicable in my life, whatever day and month that might be.  However there were some ideas I really liked--the idea of having a single word or a single statement as a goal.  As I mulled this idea over one phrase kept coming to my mind again and again as a possible goal... 
Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?  
It's a well known phrase in the Mormon world as it's the opening line from a popular hymn, Have I done Any Good?  I can't say I fully committed myself to the idea, but then I saw this new print from Persimmon and Pink {image above} and thought--OK, it's my goal.  Now I just need to order this print to make it official.  


  1. That's funny (interesting), because I too have a new motto this year. It's from a poster that this cool designer (forgot name) made. It's "Work Hard and Be Nice to People." I think it's a great idea to stand by these mottos

  2. Love this! pretty reminder to do something good.

  3. have you found out ze bebe's gender yet?:) We need to talk names!:) Hope you are feeling swell!!