This Little Miggy Stayed Home: I Saw It Second

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I Saw It Second

So I saw this new online shop today and I thought, I HAVE to blog about this.  I'll be the first on the blogging block and everyone will ooh and aah and say things like Geeze, Migs how are you ALWAYS the first to know about the latest and greatest?  You are SO cool! And I'll be like, Shoot guys, I'm not TRYING to be cool, I just am cool.  And then we'll all laugh our heads off cuz you know I'm just joking {I'm really funny FYI}.  Anywho...

Then I found out that some other blogger who goes by the moniker CJane already blogged about it.  So there's a chance you might have already heard about it.  Whatever.  I'm still going to blog about....just try to stop me CJane.  
{She probably could.} 

So it's a company called eShakti.  They make customizable clothes for women.  That's right, customizable.  You want sleeves on that dress?  Done.  You'd like that skirt a little shorter?  Done.  A different neckline on your shirt?  Done!  Finally, a place where the virtuous and the vixen can shop as one!  {Just kidding...kinda.}  I think it's a great idea and I particularly think their dresses are worth a look.  Check them out here.  

On a side note I just got a new idea for a blog... I'll call myself ELane {or GPain or BRain} and just blog about everything the day after CJane blogs about it...but with less humor and originality.  I'm totally on to something....


  1.'re funny.

    Please by a dress, and tell me if you like the quality because the price is amazing!

  2. Heehee, if you think that's bad, trying being actual FRIENDS with cjane. She outshines us all!

    I can't wait to try this place. I almost cried what I saw I could order by bra size.

  3. CM--I should, except that I don't think I'll fit in a non-maternity dress for a while.

    Az--Oh geeze--what an attention hog she is! Good thing I don't know CJ in real life....frig.

  4. Seeing that I don't regularly read CJane, you saw it first in my mind! Thanks for sharing!

  5. this whole post made me laugh outloud.

    finally a place i can get a dress for a small person. i'm sick of the petites being too big! (no, i'm not bragging about being small--i'm frustrated!)

  6. I didn't hear about it from CJANe, I heard about it from YOU. Thanks.