Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Dear Little Princess, 

You came in this world a force to be reckoned with.  It's fair to say your brought your mother and father to their knees, praying for help and begging for mercy!  With a glare that could freeze water and a temperament to match, we found ourselves wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.  

However, it wasn't long before you melted our hearts, increased our joy and strengthened our love ten fold, forever.  

We love to see the beautiful little girl you've become.   
Always  curious, learning and developing talents, 

smiling and laughing, 

and improving your silly skills every day.  

To us, you are the definition of joy.  
We are eternally grateful that we were blessed to have you brought into our family.  We love you so much.  We hope the next 3 years will be as great as the last.  

Mommy and Daddy


Some of our favorite Princess quotes:
"All things are possible with zippers!"
"No!  Daddy can't go poo poo's, his penis is too small for the poo poo's to fit!"
"The play dough died mom.  It's dead."  {after discovering it was dried out}
"I want to go on a date with dad.  You're handsome dad!"
"Daddy I have a girl cheese sandwich and you have a boy cheese sandwich."

Other Favorites:
Princess:  Cinderella
Food:  Breakfast foods, just like her daddy. 
Color:  changes all the time--sometimes black, yellow, white, etc.
Show:  Dora, hands down.


  1. Happy birthday ceeeeuute girl!

  2. I LOVE those quotes! Laugh out loud funny. What a cute girlie.

  3. That baby picture is one of my all time favorite baby pictures of any baby ever. Because SHE MEANS IT.

  4. Ugh...Dora. Hate her. And Lucy loves her, too.

    I agree with Azucar - that first photo is extremely memorable. She's such a little doll and I love seeing all the fun things she's capable of. Happy Birthday Beanie!

  5. She is so dear! My favorite thing she says is about the play dough. :)