This Little Miggy Stayed Home: A Good Robe is Hard to Find

Monday, February 01, 2010

A Good Robe is Hard to Find


When I'm looking for something I really want I don't just buy the first thing I see.  I wait and wait until I find the perfect version of that item.  Sometimes I wait years.  After a two year wait, I finally found the perfect robe... at Restoration Hardware of all places.  This particular robe is 100% terry cloth, but they have other fabric options as well.  It's warm and well made, but I really love the colors {more than shown above} and the fact that it's a long robe--ankle length rather than mid calf.  Online and in stores you can get this robe for 20% off {$63}, or if you go into the store like I did, you might find that certain colors are 50% off--which is how I got my robe for $40 in the juniper color.  {Online the garnet color is being offered at the $40 price}.  So there.... this might not solve the actual problems in your life, but at least you now know about the perfect robe.  


  1. I, in Cincy, do not usually wear a robe. But since coming to Utah, where my mom loves robes, all of my kids now have little tiny robes. Right after dinner Joshy asks if we can be "team robe" now. So we end up all getting our robes on at 6:30 pm. I have learned that once you have a robe on, it is really hard to get dressed again. Your robe sounds great (mine is just an extra I found around the house to humor Joshy). And I will tell Joshy that Beanie's mom is also on team robe. He will love that.

  2. You have no idea how helpful this is. When I had a baby last year all I wanted was a robe to wear in the hospital. A friend looked high and low, and ended up getting me a "shorty" robe. It is pretty funny to come down in the morning with the mid-thigh look.

    Thanks for the tip.