This Little Miggy Stayed Home: So this is 33

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So this is 33

Dear Younger Miggy,'s me. I mean you. It's us...the older version of you is me. Arrrgh.... it's Miggy from the future. Weird, I know. I just wanted to send you a letter from the future and since we're turning 33 today I figured this was a good day to do it. So this is what 33 looks like. Not too bad right? Your hair is still it's natural color, so that's a plus. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? OK...bad news. As it turns out being 33 really doesn't make you that much wiser. You will definitely have a few learning and growing opportunities along the way, but really when it comes down to it you've {we've?} still got a long ways to go. You didn't really think you'd just outgrow your feistiness did you? So yeah, that's the down don't have it all figured out. But there's the good news. Really good news. Your life turns out pretty great. In fact, it's better than you ever thought it would be. You get married { actually happens one of those times} and you manage to get the best of the bunch. Truly, your husband is one in a million. You're also a mom and your heart seems to grow bigger every day and you really love being a mom. I know, shocker right? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that even though you go through some pretty yucky times, keep your chin up... there is happiness ahead and lots of it. 33 is pretty awesome. Soooooo.....good chatting with you. Take care.

Later Skater,

PS--Don't dye every single pair of jeans you own 'indigo' they just come out purple.


  1. Happy birthday sis! Hope you have a wonderful day...

  2. Happy birthday wishes from us! You do look pretty darn good for 33. Have a lovely day.

  3. Happy birthday!! I love this! Don't you wish you really could have had a little chat with your younger self? Oh the things I would tell me! Hope you have a wonderful day. You're as gorgeous as ever at 33!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! 33 looks good on you!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

    So, wait, I won't have all the answers at 33? Nuts.

  6. Haha. This is so creative. I wish I could have told my younger self how awesome life is now then maybe I wouldn't have been such a freak show in high school. Too much drama. Happy Birthday! Oh, check out the dress I made for my baby girl. I am starting to really love sewing and I frequently think of that awesome tent you made. You're uber talented! Say hi to NYC for me:)

  7. You are so gorgeous---and SO YOUNG! Trust me---I am ancient next to you....

    happy birthday.

  8. Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes.

    Jill and Erin--Thanks ladies. You're great sister's in law!

    Terese--Thanks! You always look amazing in your photos.

    Heather--thanks lady.

    Abbie--no, no, no... I don't have all the answers, but I'm sure you will. :)

    Ameila--You're sweet. I can't wait to see the dress you made....that's something I've been wanting to do more of--sewing for my little silly billy. {And and we're not in NYC anymore...we're in Cincinnati for residency.}

    Shawn--oh please! Whatever age you are you're HOT.

  9. YOu are one clever cat! Happy day to you! Love it.

  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one!

  11. Happy belated birthday to one of the greatest girls I know. It makes me so happy that I know you.