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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Digital Portfolio

While I love encouraging my daughter's artistic side, I just don't think it's practical to save every little drawing she makes.  But then there's the dilemma of what to save and what to throw away?  So I decided I'd create a digital file of her work by taking pictures and storing them on the computer.  Yes even this requires some filtration, but I feel like I can keep a lot more of her artwork this way, than by actually saving the pieces themselves.

Which brings me to the drawings above.  One day while I was on the phone she got herself some paper and makers and busted out a few drawings.... and I have to say I'm very impressed--the yellow one is my favorite, but the pink one intrigues me as well.  There is something so deliberate, yet absolutely spontaneous about these drawings that is so pure to me.  At this age she has no fear of judgement about what she draws and there is a certain confidence that she is able to move forward with and just create.  I love it.  I'm envious of it.  I realize that I used to have that confidence in my artwork and I need to cultivate that same childlike confidence once more.  Again the roles are reversed... I find myself learning from her when I always thought she'd be learning from me.        


  1. I have been doing that too! I'm saving them all and at the end of the school year I'm going to turn the art-work into a book!

    I was so happy to come up with something too...i feel bad throwing the art away...but my little crafter makes a new project daily!

    I wrote about it here if you'd like to see!:

  2. We do the same thing. I can't keep a million pictures tucked every where, but I have a computer.

    She's good. I think you birthed a mini artist!

  3. Yes, way easier to share with other people too!