This Little Miggy Stayed Home

Thursday, December 03, 2009

This has been me the last 3 weeks. {Running head...ya dig?} Fo' reals. But tomorrow I'm super excited to be making a rather exciting announcement. It might have something to do with a giveaway or two and it might involve a handfull of other bloggers I know you love. It's time to get in the Christmas spirit....think giving instead of getting. That's all!

{and if you don't know who Mike the Headless chicken is you should read up...rather inspiring little fowl.}


  1. i know...i KNOW! My head has been cut off too.

  2. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Just so you know -- Mike the headless chicken was promoted throughout the country by my Uncle -- Hope Wade. My Mother told me about this chicken and my Aunt and Uncle's connection to it for years, but I thought she was just kidding. THEN, one day I watched the DVD, The Natural History of the Chicken, on PBS and right in front of my face was a picture of my Uncle and the story of the Chicken!!! I, of course, had to have a copy of the DVD and immediately called PBS to get one -- seems they were out of it. Dumbfounded, I asked why they would be out of that particular DVD -- seems that it is one of their most popular DVD's! Who knew. I got copies for my Aunt and Uncle, my cousins (their sons) and for my Sister and myself. Some things you just can't make up because truth occasionally is way stranger than fiction!!

    PS: I know this comment is way after the fact, but I've been reading your blog since your Mom and Dad came to our Ward a week ago. They're moving to Pittsburgh. We are going to love having them in our Ward -- and being connected to you via them as well!