This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Paul Newman and James Dean

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paul Newman and James Dean

So you know how Paul Newman started selling Salad dressing when we were kids? Eventually he branched out to other foods, but at first it was just the salad dressing. Well, sometime after that I made the very logical mental jump that James Dean was the man behind Jimmy Dean sausage. It was so obvious... apparently all the old time movie stars turned to the food business in their golden years. Then I found out James Dean died when he was 24.

James Dean and Jimmy Dean...not the same person. Anyone else make that mistake?

So it looks like we're taking a little break from the giveaways today. Frankly I need a break...I'm tired. But PLEASE check back tomorrow for the grand finale of our Giveaway Giveaway week. It's going to badical to the max times two. Trust me.


  1. Okay, that's awesome. No, I've never made that mistake, but Paul Newman was hot, even as an old man. Just wanted to point that out (in case you didn't know, which seems nearly impossible to me).

  2. Man---you must be really young if you don't know who Jimmy Dean is....hmmmmm.

  3. HA! This was great! I laugh because I thought the exact same thing... glad you clarified :)

  4. I knew that james dean dies young because he died like an hour away from where I grew up and there is a memorial for him and everything. A restaurant too.

    But.... maybe that jimmy guy could look like james if he didn't die??? no.

    James was hot though eh?