This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Trick or Treat

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

Saturday night may have been the best trick or treating experience of my life-- yes, even from my own childhood. First of all, the weather was great. Chilly yes, but no snow {Boo Colorado and Utah!} and plenty of leaves everywhere...all in all the perfect Halloween back drop.

Next the neighborhood. Oh boy, the neighborhood. We just happen to live pretty close to a very popular trick or treating street. We started to realize the popularity of this street when we saw cars upon cars filled with kids ready trying to turn onto this street. We even heard about a 15 person passenger van that dropped off a small army of trick or treaters. Of course as folk lore has it this street "gives out full sized candy bars!" {Wasn't there always a neighborhood with that rumor?} Yes some houses were rather generous, but mostly the candy quantity was pretty normal. It was the actual houses and the candy-givers themselves--these people took their jobs very seriously. They didn't stay inside and wait for you to knock on the door...oh no. Most of them had elaborate set ups and parked themselves on the front door step to watch and enjoy the parade of cute and often scared little ghouls. One house in particular was so good in their set up that we watched kid after kid run from the house screaming as soon as they got their candy {only for the older kids, they were good not to scare the really little ones}.

our jack-o-lanterns

mom and cinderella

dad and cinderella

look at those leaves!

the best scary house...see the clown and coffin?
yeah real people jumped out scaring the pants off kids left and right.
so funny.

luckily they were nice to the little princess...she was still scared...

this is how she approached the house.

I also saw this guy send a few kids screaming from his house...classic.

Good job Cincinnati, good job.


  1. Incredible! And just for the was a perfect 60 degrees--in park city no less! Love the pumpkins, love the costume, love the houses, love the leaves, love it all.

  2. I am loving the french country house you went to. I totally agree with you about trick-or-treating with little ones. I was cataloging all of the memories from Saturday in my brain. I hope I never forget how cute it is to see a little girl bouncing along from house to house.

  3. Anonymous5:15 PM

    So cute that she's covering her eyes :) I love the pic with all the leaves!

  4. how cool! what a fun night!!!!