Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Over the Weekend

We scored the following items while thrift store shopping this weekend...

side table

set of chairs*

and a rocker for the princess

Quite a successful trip--and all from one store!

I'm all about getting pieces with 'potential' these days. Every time I go thrifting all I can think about is reupholstering all these amazing pieces and how awesome they'd look. I've actually become a little obsessed with the idea. So I think I'm going to take an upholstery class this winter and actually recover one {and eventually both} of the living room chairs! I'd also love to re-do Beanie's little rocker as well. I'm very excited at the prospect of learning to reupholster. When you're on a fixed budget but still want a one-of-a-kind look in your home, thrifting/antiquing is the way to go. If you can re-finish them after that, even better. I'll keep you posted on any refinishing work!

*after purchasing these chairs I woke up at 4 in the morning dreaming about bedbugs--a somewhat new phenomenon in Cincy. I couldn't go back to sleep until I crept downstairs with a flashlight and checked the chairs thoroughly for the little critters. I think we're safe {knock on wood}.


  1. Oh my! Your house looks so good. If if IF I have a house one day, will you come and decorate it for me? Please? And then we'll actually meet:)

  2. I love those chairs. I wish that store was in my neighborhood! Great taste, Miggy, of course.

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    You seem to be a magnet for great finds! I love the pic of Beanie- always in her princess dress lately? :) so cute.

  4. Love the blue chairs. p.s. Have you ever read the children's book, He Came With the Couch?

  5. holy cow! so jealous of your finds!