Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh my...

Look at that little angel picture. I took this when I was painting the living room and had a bunch of stuff stashed in the dining room. These days Beanie wears her Cinderella dress as much as possible....which is to say, all the time. So she sat and started strumming my guitar in this dress and I thought it was rather angelic looking {but in a funny and modern sort of way}. Good day to be reminded of her angelic nature because today she has been rather devilish. Tantrums, pooping in her pants {on purpose! while having a time out}, no no NO's and other awesome toddler stuff. I'm thinking that it's better to have a child watch a lot of TV, than to have a mom at the end of her rope... looks like it's going to be a Dora afternoon.

But seriously, doesn't she look like a little harp strumming angel?


  1. I agree about the TV watching.

    Tell me the story behind the walls? Is that wall paper, texture???

  2. CM--yes it's textured wall paper that has been painted. It was that color when we moved in and while I'm not a huge 'red' person, I think it works well for the room. I have no idea how old the wall paper is, but it's a pretty cool effect overall.

  3. I hear ya! Eli is either my favorite little person saying really cute things or my worst enemy in front of a TV.

    Very cute.

  4. ha ha. oh, man. the brilliance of pooping one's pants to spite their mother ... she sounds like a clever one.