Thursday, October 01, 2009

Busy Bee

In preparation for the Art-a-thon I've been in a creative type of mood... tackling little projects here and there.

First up....our multipurpose room. It's the TV room, computer room, Beanie's art room and our general hang out area. I wanted to spruce it up a little so that it looked fun and interesting, rather than cluttered and boring. There was a bare little corner where I decided to try something new. I was inspired by this picture in the new Ikea catalog. I like the idea of using interesting fabric as wall hangings {in the corner of the room above the kid playing piano}... I created this. Honestly, I don't love it. It's a little too creepy-crawly-hey-where-is-my-art-going? for me. But I like the idea, the color palette and fabrics I chose, so I think I just need to re-work it a little until it looks right. But it adds a little bit of visual interest to the room and well that's a start.

Then I took this:

And painted it to be that:
It's actually just white primer, so I may paint over that as well. I'm thinking teal. Of course.

And finally beautiful panels in preparation for the art-a-thon. The past 4+ years I've been painting on canvas {linen, whatever} and I hate it. I've always preferred painting on wood, but haven't had the space/resources to make them. So here they are. They're lovely and I can't wait to paint.

That's all from the home front. See you tomorrow.


  1. Inspiring! Seriously.



  2. Where did you find the bird cage? I have been looking for one forever!

  3. Dyna--Which I'm assuming is Erin--Thanks!

    Cara--at a garage sale for $4 bucks! Pure luck...

  4. awesome! I am impressed. I miss you.

  5. love the IKEA look....and love IKEA too! Shopping, cafe and child-care all rolled into one...what can be better! ;)