Monday, October 05, 2009

Art Show

Oh I wish this could be short, but it can't. So here we go...

Artist Statement:
Sacrifice = Love = Forgiveness. In the book The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, Corrie writes about her experiences as a Dutch Christian woman whose family is caught hiding Jews during world war II. Subsequently, she is sent to a concentration camp along with her beloved sister Betsy. Eventually, after the camp Corrie goes on to help rehabilitate others hurt by the atrocities of the war through teaching and testifying of Jesus Christ. She preaches to others about the healing power of coming unto Christ, and seems particularly focused on the virtue of forgiveness. A key part of her rehabilitation process is having survivors plant and grow a garden. I wish I could remember this part more accurately {and I wish I still had my copy of the book to draw from} but as I remember Corrie speaks about the connection of gardening and forgiveness--somehow in this relationship of earth, soil, seed and plant lies a catalyst to healing and forgiveness that few other activities have the ability to do. As I contemplated this relationship I came across this scripture: Luke 7:47 Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little. Lightbulb. Sacrifice = Love = Forgiveness. I've often heard the idea that "You love those whom you serve." However, I think that when we serve, nurture and sacrifice we don't just love those who our task was focused on, but we have the ability, if properly cultivated, to have the love of Jesus Christ fill our hearts creating a more universal and broad love that stretches out to the whole of humanity. At least, that's my theory. And once we are filled with Christ's love or charity, forgiveness {the most difficult of all Christian virtues in my opinion} can and will come more readily. Through these 3 paintings I attempted to capture the garden metaphor in each of it's phases: The land, symbolizing the toil and sacrifice. The plant, symbolizing the love. And the harvest, in this case apples, symbolizing the forgiveness.

Process: I wouldn't normally bother to explain my process, but I wanted to explain why these 3 paintings look so different--usually when doing a series you go for a more cohesive look, and in hindsight I wish I had. I decided to choose a specific painting or artist to model each of my paintings after--I'll post a picture of each painting{s} I used as inspiration.

I'm going to show these in reverse order {best for last} and give some thoughts and comments {yes more} along the way.


Below is the picture it was modeled after--one of Giorgio Morandi's many still lifes. He was a master at the still life, and my still life admittedly falls far short. The apples have too much depth and color, while everything else is flat and subdued...I wanted flat, but perhaps it was too flat...but on the plus side the apples look pretty good!


Below is the painting it was modeled after. It's entitled Lindon Street, Covington Kentucky by Marcia Alshcer. This is a very new artist to me recently discovered on a local blog and I really like her style. I was immediately drawn to her simple, sharp, geometric paintings usually of houses and buildings. My Love painting is my least favorite. In short, it sucks. My picture isn't entirely accurate, as I cut off some of the bottom of it, but it doesn't matter. It's horrible and I'll most likely re-work it soon enough...but I did it.


This one is my favorite. I don't mind saying I LOVE it. I haven't been this excited and pleased with a painting I've done in years. And it's big, the biggest of the three, 40" x 48". Again, this isn't the best photo and I hate to sound like a disgruntled art history teacher, but like most paintings, it's better in person. I also think this is the most successful, because it's most representative of how I typically paint. I actually touched it up a little this evening and it's officially done. And you may have guessed that I modeled this one after Paul Klee's Highways and Byways pictured below.

So that's my show. Stay tuned for more Art-A-Thon participants and their work.


  1. ummmm, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! These are amazing! I'm so so impressed! Really, you are talented. Bravo!

    I love The Hiding Place, and I love the way you tied it all together. Very good.

  2. You did it-----yay! And three of them? I'm not worthy!! I like the last one the best also----brilliant use of color!

  3. Of course, as a true artist, you are super hard on yourself:) Your paintings are amazing, and I find them to be more fascinating than the inspiration pics. Those apples look good enough to eat:) So, take that for what it's worth (admittedly, no one pays me for my opinion:). I miss you and your talented self! Please give my love to the Bean and B-train, and I want to see where you hang that final beauty!!

  4. Way to go Miggy! You are an inspiration. I love your style and the meanings behind your work. So much heart in there. I would buy those paintings in a heartbeat if I had the money they deserved. I especially love the first and last. I think the first has a slight Cezanne feel and I totally dig how it turned out even if you think the apples have too much depth. I love the effect the third has on your eye with the gradation of color at the bottom.

  5. Way to go, babe. I love to see you create.

  6. Wowsa! You should do these art-a-thons more often :) I wasn't able to to participate over Conference Weekend and I don't know if it fits, but since I'm trying to teach myself how to sew I was just going to do a little quilt for our baby on the way. Anyhow with life right now, I don't think I'll be able to have it done until the end of the month (that's the goal) don't worry about me, but thanks for being such a great inspiration! I'll try to show you a photo of it when it's done (depending on how good it turns out :)

  7. Abbie--Thanks--as always you are super positive and complimentary. Can't wait to post your project. And yes, we really need to meet. I've been thinking about a trip out to NYC, but I have no idea when.

    Shawn--You are also always positive and I appreciate your comments. Thanks!

    Suz--hey lady! We miss you too. Thanks for the accolades. And I think I will post a pic when I hang the last picture. Could be a while since I want to paint the room that I plan to hang it in first.

    Terese--As a fellow artist, I totally appreciate your comments--I even thought "If I'm painting apples, perhaps I should channel Cezanne instead..." So no wonder.

    B--Thanks love. Couldn't have done it without you.

    Jazzy--No pressure! I just didn't want to leave anyone out--but being pregnant and building a human is an 'art-a-thon' in itself. Good luck and the quilt and I'd def. love to see pictures when you're done.

  8. seriously, i'm super impressed. with all of them.

  9. I'm clicking away from your blog today a little more inspired. Thanks!

  10. You really did do a good job! I do have to agree with you when I say that the Highway piece is my favorite too.

  11. I'm so amazed with how much you were able to accomplish! And such a range of style. Very inspiring.

  12. Can I buy Sacrifice?...I'm serious. Great work Amy. I loved them all. And I (not an art critic in the least) actually LOVE the deep red of the apples. You're amazing! Thanks for sharing. I loved the Hiding Place!

  13. you're incredible! I never knew you painted on wood! I love that! What kind of wood is it and how thick?