Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Art Show: Mo

This next art show participant is a friend from my BYU days. Mo is an amazing photographer and I was ecstatic to have her participate. I love the theme of her work--this really spoke to me and certainly will speak to all the other young moms out there. Mo is one of those people I liked as soon as I met her and luckily I had the good fortune to continually cross her path while in Provo {and on the world wide web for that matter}. You can read more about her life on her blog here.

Artist statement: This series is called Self-Portrait.
As a mother I have found that I have struggled most with these four things. Eager to be a great mom I put aside my needs and my put forth my appetite in order to become a selfless person, but found that I need a balance of caring for my body and satisfying my wants. I like to think of this project as a self-portrait that is subject to change. At one point I felt like my world was just not making sense, because I loss touch of my old self, but found new parts to satisfy. I feel that often mothers become martyrs of their old life in order to create a better world for a new life. This has proven to be detrimental in my case and I have been slowly trying to create a harmonious balance.

Beauty vs. Appetite
Need vs. Want


  1. Nice photography and so well thought out....

  2. OK, now that I actually have time to comment here I go ...

    As I said, I really love the them. I think that transition to motherhood has been by far the most drastic transition of my life and so I can really related to this new life, while still trying to hold on to my old life and my old self. I think the colors and the graphic nature of the pictures work really well together. And I also really love that Mo choose to actually set up and stage these still life's--they're unique and something I haven't seen in a while as far as artistic photography goes. Don't get me wrong I love portraits, landscapes, etc as well, but you can tell these works were deliberate and it was almost a painterly approach.

    Again, great job Mo.

  3. Miggy,

    Wow! Thank you, I appreciate your comments and how much you really understand what I did. Once again, it was great to be challenged and from that I was able to produce something from the heart. So really thank you.

  4. Mo-chan! I love it! I haven't seen you do much photography other than of little Asher for a while! You are so talented sis. I love seeing your art! -adina