This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Art Show: Abbie

Friday, October 09, 2009

Art Show: Abbie

OK so this is the last official Art-A-Thon participant I'll be featuring. I know a lot of people tackled projects on their own which is great and still others couldn't do it last Saturday due to schedule conflicts, but if anyone wants to send me their pictures of current or future projects inspired by the art-a-thon I'd be happy to put it on the blog.

Abbie decided to finish decorating her home as her art-a-thon project. She seemed unsure if this qualified for the art-a-thon, but isn't the process of making a house a home truly an art? And I have to say I find interior design to be challenge--it's one of the tougher arts as far as I'm concerned, so hats off to Abbie for her beautiful new home! Her goal was to finish in 24 hours and on a tiny budget. I say mission accomplished. Great job Abbie. {I don't actually know Abbie in person, but she emailed me last year for advice about living in NYC since she and her family were moving there for the Hubs to start medical school. We've been chatting back and forth ever since and one day we are going to meet.}


  1. Aw, thanks for the feature! The art-a-thon really did give me the motivation to get it done. Three cheers for Miggy and her art that inspires!

    We will meet! Let's talk dates.

  2. Sooooo impressive!! Thanks for doing this, Miggy----I am still planning on working on some painting some day----I'll let you know....